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  1. I use a "tailing loop" to keep the rabbit strip from wrapping around the hook. You can see this on my web site on the fly tying page. It works. Www.deerhairsculptures.com
  2. Bruce, I am pleased to hear you liked the video! I was also impressed with your bugs. Chris would also like the mice I am sure. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also if you are have the opportunity to see me tie again please introduce yourself. Mike g
  3. Very seldom do I get involved in online chat but, in my opinion you are spinning and you need to be stacking. When spinning you loose control of the hair and rely on IT to do what you want it to do, instead of controlling it yourself. In all probabilities you are also using to many wraps of thread to "hold the hair in place". The extra wraps take up space on the shaft of the hook it self which translates to a loose bug, you also you loose control of the hair. If you go to my web page you can see what I do and it is all done with stacking the hair and not spinning. Also I do not use a "hair packer" I use my fingers to pack. The technique is what makes it a tight pack and controls the lines you are referring to. www.deerhairsculptures.com Mike g
  4. I have attached a picture of a clown fish. What do you think? I have never done this before so I may or may not pick up your response. Mike George
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