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  1. I am quite impressed by some of your work areas. Steve, your area causes both inspiration and aspiration. I could also call it viagra! :lol2: I was tying on a card table in the dining room, but my wife reminded me I had an old computer desk in storage. She gave me permission to remain in the dining room, but I found a way to fit it in my gun/reloading room and still leave plenty of space to do all that I need to do. Plus, I knew that even though she gave me permission to stay in the dining room, that she really didn't want me in there. . Plus this way I can truly get away from everything and be in my element so to speak.
  2. Well I had an idiotic moment and forgot to put the postal code on my package so my flies were returned to me. :wallbash: So rather than hold this swap up, I'll unfortunately have to bow out. That is unless you all are willing to wait the 2 weeks or so it should take for them to get to Horseshoes. "Shrimpy Scud"
  3. I realize this is an older thread, but I have used my Dachshunds hair for creating buggy legs. They have no underfur to speak of so I use the the spikey hairs. I actually used my wifes hair last night and cut it to 1/2" lengths and blended it with some wing 'n flash to make a pretty nice looking scud. She is a redhead so it yields a nice shrimpy orange colored scud. She was impressed.
  4. I think the 1st, 3rd, and 4th one would make pretty good ice jigs. I have been tying some up that are somewhat similar to those for the ice this year.
  5. For me, most of the adjustment comes from tilting the eye up or down to get the centerline rotation. I am still getting used to mine, but can't imagine putting dubbing on thread any other way now. On a side note, I hope to visit Norway someday as some of my ancestory is from there. I recently made to the Vesterheim for the first time if you are aware of it. Med vennlig hilsen!
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I fish Backbone frequently. Next time I over that way I'll have to stop in.
  7. Is that natural raffia or synthetic (swiss straw)? I have only used synthetic and color it with markers to suit the pattern. If it is synthetic, do you mind mentioning the process? I have clear/white, brown, and natural (tan)
  8. Just an idea, but what about using a lice comb to remove the underfur and thereby leaving the guard hairs? I don't no if it would work or not but it might. This may not give you the exact answer you desire, but is somewhat relevant nonetheless. Muskrat Dubbing
  9. Hobby Lobby has glass bead assortments for cheap. I can't remember what I bought mine for but it was cheap considering the quantity I got. I have yet to sort them by color but suffice it to say they will last me the rest of my life.
  10. My prize showed up yesterday. Thanks again Horseshoes and all those that contributed to both the prizes and the contest. I was impressed with every fly I saw.
  11. Mine will depart on Monday.
  12. I also want to thank those that donated items to the prize list. If I can ever contribute in the same fashion down the road, it would be my pleasure.
  13. Thanks for hosting this Horseshoes! Thanks to those that voted for my caddis larva. I was really confident on all my flies until I saw all the great looking flies that were submitted. Congrats to the other winners as well. It was fun.
  14. Horseshoes, please let me know when mine arrive. I really hope they make it in time!!!!!!!!
  15. I'm in. Mine has no name but it most likely will be the same as the one I just sent you for the 3-Tie.
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