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  1. J Stockard sets the standard and they are a support of this site.
  2. This article might help you. http://flyfisherman.com/ftb/jctyingspeed/
  3. An extra 1/4 to 1/2 wrap of chenille or your favorite body material will fill up the cone nicely and keep it from moving.
  4. The bodkin is something that you will have to add to the Wiss clips after the fact. The clips do not come standard with the bodkin. AK goes into great detail on these scissors in "Production Fly Tying". You can find these clips at some fly shops and catalogs but they will be significantly cheaper at sewing stores.
  5. Talk to a barber or hair styling person and find out who they use to sharpen their scissors. These folks make a living with their tools so they probably have some good contacts.
  6. You will find exactly what you are looking for in the "Tying Tips" archives on Fly Anglers Online.
  7. Check out: http://www.mffc.org/ All the info you need about the Spring 2007 show will be posted here as these are the folks that sponsor the show.
  8. Thanks Al. I'm going to give it a try this weekend. Dave
  9. Al, I wanted to comment how much I enjoy the articles that you and your wife contribute to Fly Tyer magazine. Can you clarify a few things on tip #6 "Perfect Parachutes" ? You say to wrap the hackle and tie off the feather around the post....when you do this are you tying off with any type of knot or just binding the hackle to the post with thread wraps? Also does it matter which direction the hackle and thread are wrapped? In the photos, it looks like both the hackle and thread are wrapped clockwise around the post (when looking down at the top of the post). And finally, is the knot used to tie off the head a whip finish knot or a half hitch? Thanks in advance for your help. Dave
  10. Like you, I have not been blessed with great eyesight. Two suggestions for eye strain. Better lighting and a contrasting, soft background. Take some flies with you to an art supply store and check out various colors of the mat board that they use to make picture frames. I find a light blue or green works best for me but everyone is different. Also, I find if I keep the area behind the fly clear of tools and materials it helps a great deal.
  11. Not specifically from "Fly Tyer" but this link contains recipes for baby trout steamers. http://www.hookhack.com/streamers.html
  12. Got mine Saturday. Very nice work everyone. Thanks to Spanky for hosting a well run swap.
  13. Now I see it, thanks for setting me straight. The post is what had me confused (not a hard thing to do). I used some different post materials on the extras and I didn't remember using turkey flats. You're right, that is a good looking collection of bugs. Thanks again for hosting the swap. Dave
  14. Spanky, I don't see my parachute hare's ear in your swap box. You didn't lose them all on fish, did you?
  15. You can also tie a whip finish at the base of the post. Same steps 1 thru 6 as in the post above except you tie the whip finish under the last wrap of hackle, at the base of the post. If done properly, the thread is impossible to see.
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