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  1. I've recently started fly fishing, and am completely in love. I live in texas and fish bass almost exclusively. I grew up fishing baitcast " " style. So the whole fly fishing endevor is completely alien to me, especially the fly tying part. I have never known, and still do not know a single person around these parts that fly fishes. I relize that not all fly fisherman do not tye, however, i plan to. Like most hobbies i get involved with, I aim to purchase entry level equipment....as to "test the waters" , but do not want to buy crap. I've been looking at some fly tying kits from some of the "big stores", i.e. BPS, which come with tools, tying materials, and even an instructional dvd... mostly around fifty to sixty bucks. I've decided that this avenue suits me best, but I still dont know which one to choose. (which kit/where from?) Please some advice or a point in some direction would be worlds of help. newbie for now, skye
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