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  1. I was not aware that this pompom person is the women from Canada. For reasons I will not go into here, some things are better not put in writing these days, I refused to do business with her. As mentioned, I never took a red cent from her and never would. But I guess that hurt her feelings and now it is her life's mission to go around being nasty. So if this helps her somehow, it's fine with me.
  2. My only question for Mr Denson is this; How does anyone get cheated out of money when buying something from me online? I've read all the complaints that he references. The ones that go back to the "feathers in the hair" days are particularly vicious. Time and again I've responded by asking the anonymous person who claims I cheated them out of hundreds of dollars to simply email or call so I can fix the problem. Only one time since the lady's feather craze in 2011 has anyone responded and yes, the mistake was mine and I took care of it. As for the rest of the complaints I ask myself - if what the person is saying is true, why did they let this happen? If you're one of them, call me. My cell is 608-332-4220. As for dodging calls to avoid being caught, well how does that work? All the customer need do is either contact PayPal ( they give you 6 months to file a claim) or contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. How hard is that? Either way the money is immediately pulled from my account and if I can not provide a valid tracking number within a few days - the money is returned to the buyer. Every buyer on the internet knows this and believe me, some use the PayPal rules to their advantage. It is virtually impossible for me to run some kind of scam using my website and PayPal to bilk people out of their hard earned money. Non the less, some like Mr Denson read those reviews and get scared. To them I say; there are a lot of websites out there selling feathers - buy from them - if they have what you want in stock. It's 6:30 in the evening here and I'm still packing orders - I started at 7:00 this morning. I do every order myself and I do the best I can. That doesn't mean I don't make mistakes - I make plenty. But some people today are just plain mean - mess one up and they will crucify you any way they can. Do 30 to 50 orders a day and you're bound to make a few people mad no matter how hard you try. Start a website Mr Denson, you'll see what I'm talking about.
  3. I woke up this morning only to discover that I'm a "hot topic" on this forum. Truth be told, that is if you dare to trust a liar, I don't get on here very often, I'm just too busy packing orders and working on my website. I have no idea who "pompom" is, but if he has a problem with me for some reason, why not just come on here and say what it is so I can fix it. I'm a one man band here and I'll be the first to admit that I make my fair share of mistakes. I have great customers and I do my best to keep up with orders. But let me know if something goes wrong and I'm always more than willing to fix it and offer my apologies. As for the email he posted, I just got off the phone with Dr Whiting himself. He said he never sent such an email and is more than happy to come on the forum to confirm that. So pompom, please come back on here and tell us all just how you were lied to or whatever happened and how to get ahold of you so I can fix this. And that goes for anyone reading this. If you have a problem now or in the future, just call me. if I don't pick up, call again. I will do my best to make sure that whatever you buy from me is exactly what you're looking for. Now I understand that "pompom" is most likely never going to be my biggest cheerleader (ha ha). But it's too bad that some people choose to use these forums to make all sorts of allegations, all the while hiding behind some anonymous name. How much more cowardly can you get?
  4. Pushing "counterfeit" Whiting pelts is not possible. These are not watches or purses. Feather quality aside, no other feather grower processes the skins as Whiting does. Put 10 unmarked pelts out on a table and any fly tyer can immediately identify which are Whiting. Go ahead and compare the skin and the trim job on your Whiting pelt to any other grower's pelt. Most don't even trim them. I'm not sure why, even if the feather quality of these pelts were to be better than Whiting's, the retail presentation is poor. Some look no better than road kill. That being said, I have seen "counterfeiting" over the internet. When the ladies were wearing feathers in their hair, I would see loose feathers listed on Ebay as Whiting hackle. It was obvious to anyone who knew feathers, the barring, shape, etc, that they were not. The merchants on Ebay were trying to trade on Whiting's good name and charge a higher price for junk. That didn't last long. Whiting Farms has work hard for over 20 years to build their good name. They closely follow the distributors of their product. If they found that I was jeopardizing their good name in any way, my account would be closed, I'd be sued, and out of business. So if any readers of this mile long thread think it possible for me, or any other internet retailer, to pull a fast one on you or Dr. Tom Whiting, guess again.
  5. Barry, JasonV is correct and I think most everyone feels the same. What can I do to fix this and end this on a high note?
  6. Barry, You can do better than that. This goes back to 2011 when the ladies were putting feathers in their hair. This Roxie lady ordered Whiting feathers and after receiving them sent back junk that she received from someone else demanding a full refund. This might be hard to believe, but she was even nastier than you. She threatened to go all over the internet if I did not immediately refund her money. She filed a dispute with PayPal and a chargeback case with her credit card. After seeing pictures of what I sent here and what she sent back to me both denied her claims and that's when she went nuts on every forum she could find. But for some reason, I don't know if I've hurt your feelings or what, but you've become consumed with trying to show everyone what a terrible cheat I am. Hey, I'll be the first to admit that I've made mistakes in the past and worse yet, I'll probably make a lot more. But when I do, I'll take responsibility for it and fix it as soon as I can. So rather than relying on Barry, if there is anyone reading this who feels that you have been somehow wronged, for whatever reason, please let me know. Either here, or better yet, just call me. Here's my cell 608-332-4220 But Barry, you have to admit that this is getting to you, at some point you just have to get over it and move on. David
  7. Retired? No, maybe you might want to try your hand at the feather business. You've put a lot of ideas out there... go ahead, give them a try!
  8. Barry, You have no idea what your whining on and on has done for me this past week. I just checked my google analytics and traffic to my website has exploded and orders have gone through the roof. Just look at the number of people who have viewed this thread. I need to thank you for that! So by all means, feel free and keep spouting off your know-it-all nonsense. And while you're at it, go ahead and call Dr Whiting so you can tell him how he should run his business too.
  9. Seems that everyone on this forum is missing your point. What is it again?
  10. And here's Dr. Whiting's reply; Hello Barry I looked at the photos you forwarded, and the cree cape does look very much like a Whiting Farms pelt; by the trim style, the feathers and the general appearance. We do sell directly to Dave Roberts at Feather Emporium, and I am aware that he resells pelts without our packaging. Dave buys a lot of our unusual pelts, and peddles them as they are not regular items. He also does taxidermy work for us. I have not heard any other negative things about Dave's business practices. But I personally don't visit any forums as I just don't have the time I am afraid. If you are not happy with the cape, I would imagine Dave might refund your money. In regard to Dave sourcing other hackle producers products, I believe he does, and that is fine by me. But the cape in the photos I am 99% sure if from Whiting Farms. Thank you for your concern. Sincerely, Tom Whiting Something tells me that is is still not going to be good enough for Barry...
  11. Seems that good old Barry is not willing to give up just yet. Here's an email he sent today to Dr. Whiting. I thinks he's hoping to catch me in one of those "gotcha questions" -----Original Message----- From: Barry Foster [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, April 03, 2015 12:41 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Cree Capes I purchased a Cree Cape from Dave Roberts three or four months ago. There has been some discussion on Flyfishingforums about his business honesty. His business is,as I'm sure you know Feather emporium. The cape I received from him was not packaged in normal Whiting packaging,in fact it was in a plain plastic ziplock bag. He maintains they he purchases premium capes from you in bulk and as such they are not in your packaging. Can you confirm that this is the case and that he is not sourcing capes from somewhere else and selling them as Whiting? I did in fact write to you a while ago but I did not seem to have received a reply. Here is a photo of the cape in question.
  12. Jokey, "Bad form sir"... You've got to be kidding me! The power of the internet goes both ways. How many times do you see people going on forums to slam a business. To humiliate them! They lay out every detail for others to see and then others start to pile on. Look at John F's post. His only interest was to pile on and slam me. And as soon as he posted the picture of what I sold him - opinion turned and so did he. I put Robert MacLeod's name and email address out there to show the other side. If I were to post his nasty threatening emails here you might better understand. This is a very dishonest person and luckily I don't run into that many like him. But the fact remains, he spoils it for the honest people out there. Customers know the power they have and some use it. This is why I have a "no questions asked return policy". Send one customer a cape that is the wrong shade of brown or something of the sort and they aren't happy and you have a problem. One bad review on a forum like this and you're toast. Go back and look at the first post that got this whole thing going. Why did Ray post what he did? I'll tell you why, he wanted to use the power of this forum to get results. To get his feathers that he paid for. He even says that as soon as he posted that I called. It makes the reader think that posting something like that gets results. Why didn't he try to resolve this "off board". I don't know. The last email I received from him was February 15th. No missed calls either, I checked. I shipped his order on the 20th and never heard another word about it until a few days ago when a customer alerted me to this thread. I wish he had called or emailed me sooner. Maybe the post office could have located his lost order. The tracking for the first order is a dead end at the sorting facility and the hope of locating it at this point is poor at best. Non the less, I immediately reshipped the order. The case with Mr Macleod is different. Check the tracking. It proves that he received his order. He intentionally cheated me out of money and feathers. He could have called after receiving the feathers and said there was a mistake. Not a word. And after all his threatening and abusive emails telling me that "I should give up being a businessman", I'm more than glad to use the power of this forum to show you the other side. Why shouldn't I alert other merchants? Like Ray posted; BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE. Or are these forums just to draw out business that are intent on cheating the fly tiers? After you've been "Macleoded" a few times, I think you'll understand. As they say, the knife cuts both ways.
  13. Thanks to everyone for their input and opinions in this matter. I was hoping that by responding to Barry that I could get this resolved. But some people you just can't make happy no matter what you do. Can't win them all. Selling something as unique as feathers over the internet has proven tricky. As any tier knows all too well, no two capes are the same and each of us want to pick up and bend the feathers before committing to buy. For more than 10 years now I've sold at the shows to learn what tiers are looking for and the people I met there urged me to put a site together. So many of the tiers I've met over the years call and ask me to select just the right cape or saddle they are looking for. Being a one man shop has helped. I'm the only one who answers the phone, picks the orders, and is responsible for what gets shipped. In all the years I've sold at the shows I've collected hundreds and hundreds of checks. In all that time, only one has been bad. Fly tiers are an honest bunch. Many times people didn't have the money so they took the feathers home and sent me a check later. Never did they fail to keep their word. But the internet is not so kind. When people like Ray claim they did not receive their order and I clearly recall packing it and shipping it, my first response these days is to be skeptical. I know this sounds bad but you would not believe the tricks people come up with to scam you out of a few dollars. What makes it possible is the combination of PayPal and the USPS. The post office looses on average 3 packages each week. And even though I put tracking on each package, you'd be surprised how often the machines fail to scan the packages. I have to refund / reship thousands of dollars each year. Here's an example; On January 5th, Robert MacLeod placed an order that came to $45.50. I shipped it on the 6th. Here is the tracking number; LC690525297US. If you check the tracking you'll see that the post office lost it by the 7th. Or at least that is the last day the tracking is recorded. Mr MacLeod notified me of this and I took the matter to the post office and waited for them to track it down. After 3 trips to the post office and no answers I finally gave up and reshipped on February 13th. Here is the new tracking number; LC690525765US. In the mean time Mr MacLeod filed a claim with PayPal and they gave him his money back. Here's the email from PayPal; After careful consideration of the evidence provided in the case detailed below, we have completed our investigation and decided in favor of the buyer. Under terms of our User Agreement, we have debited the following amount from your PayPal account as a refund to the buyer: $45.50 USD Buyer's name: Robert MacLeod Buyer's email: [email protected] Now if you check the tracking, you will see that he received his feathers. But PayPal refunded his money while the order was still in transit. So I'm out two sets of feathers and no money to show for it. You can imagine how dealing with people like this and the money and time it cost you can make one a bit skeptical. So to other merchants, be careful with this guy. And if by chance any of you know him, please let him know you heard about his dishonesty. Do me a favor and send him an email.
  14. Sure sounds to me like your trying your best to "slam" me. No problem, I can take it. If I make a mistake, I'll be the first to admit it. But that's not going to happen here and I don't think others are feeling that I'm in the wrong either. Non the less, your not happy with the quality or the bag or whatever. So again, please send it back for a full refund. That's the best I can offer. As I mentioned earlier, I do a lot of fly fishing shows each year. Last year a tier came up to me and said that my site was "porn for feather junkies". And now this. My packaging looks like something from a porn store? Just what types of bags do they use at porn stores anyway?
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