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  1. One more system to try... Go to youtube & enter "Easy Egg Fly Pattern Steelhead Glo Bugs Made Easy With A Straw!"
  2. Beautiful & more importantly, functional! As to the finish im one of those odd folks that prefers a more muted finish. I would leave it just like it is.
  3. Up here in Alaska folks love black bear meat! Make the same cuts you would with any other big game animal just make sure you cook it through like pork. My family likes it as well as or better than moose.
  4. ThreeJsDad, I sent you a PM on the tippet rings. Thanks, Vance
  5. I don't know if they will work (sure look like they should!) but beautiful tying & excellent pics!
  6. I don't have lots of experience, but really like my Danvice. I would buy another.
  7. Except to use those flys with the wife!! You are indeed a blessed man
  8. It's amazing to think that lead poisining from a single #6 pellet could kill an eagle... I'm suprised ducks & geese didn't simply rain from the sky where I grew up in Klamath Falls Oregon. There had to be literaly tons of them that had been hit with several pieces of shot & flew away every season. Many actually wintered in the marshes in the area. We had lots of eagles around there too. They should have been eating the carcasses from all the poisened ducks & dying in droves too. Never seemed to be a problem. The good news is small scale (4" & less/"recreational") gold dredging cleans all the heavy metals from the stream beds & loosens spawning gravels creating better habitat. A win/win situation! Of course Kalifornia banned that too... BUT, none of that answers the original question. I'm a tying rookie but so far my wooly buggers have real round lead wrapped tightly around the shank 1st, then a wrap of thyread locking them in place with a small dab of head cement. Then the normal tying procedure. Seems to work fine for me.
  9. I'm a rookie tier too, but like Morfrost I'm really happy with & enjoying my Dan Vise. No complaints so far. Other than lack of tying time...
  10. I'm a rookie & have been using an old sewing box that a guy gave me when he quit tying. It's 14" long, 8" high, & 9"wide. The top opens & there are 2 lift out trays with lots of little compartments & a bunch of spindles for thread spools. Plenty of room for a fly box, my vice & tools, & enough variety of material to ty several different types of flies. A couple of days ago & was at our new Sportsmans Warehouse & saw some Allen Company "Big Fork reel & gear bags". Shaped like a semi soft sided brief case, 15"x11"x6". Compartments for up to 10 fly reels in the lowere compartment, then a full size zip open divider with storage above on large clear zippered compartments. Lots of elastic pockets. $30.00. I picked one up to put my fly fishing gear in, but may pick up another for a mobile tying bag. If I do, I will size my portable bench so the case will fit inside it's side walls & be secured somehow. Here's the only link I could find on line. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004I8T9CA/ref=as...ASIN=B004I8T9CA It's a lousy picture & $36.00. If I can buy it off the shelf in Alaska for $29.99 I would think there has to be a cheaper on line source. Really is a nice bag.
  11. Praying for Elle in Alaska! Please keep us posted
  12. Sandflyx, sounds like yours is the shop I wish we had in town. I'd beat a path to your door. Our local shop has the owner & 2 or 3 18-21yr old girls on staff through the busy season. Unfortunately the owner is the snooty impersonal one while the friendly ladies do their best with products they have limited knowledge of & no exprience with.
  13. Whether it's archery, shooting, or fly fishing I like to shop at the specialty shops whenever possible. The quality is often a little bette, the staff better understands my needs, the atmosphere is often much better, & I don't want to loose the local fly shops. It's a pain to have to wait 3 days to do something because I have to order a piece that my local shop would have had in stock for a few pennies more. BUT, often the guys in the specialty shops are arrogant jerks until you become a "regular", & there is some stuff that is way overpriced. In that case my business will be minimal. I too have a family of 5, a daughters wedding to pay for this summer, etc & a salary that while fair still doesn't allow me to spend money foolishly.
  14. You guys are inspiring me!!! I tied just a tiny bit about 10 yrs ago but really want to get into it now. I picked up a used desk for the purpose & was just going to screw a piece of plywood on top for a work surface. Now I think I'll build a couple of portable tables (one for me & one for my 7yr old son I hope to get started in tying) based on your designs to use on the desk in the basement or on the kitchen table. Thanks!
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