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  1. 3 degrees and a glo bug. Sounds like a band name.
  2. Makes perfect sense. So, are you feeling the take at all? I never do, but it seems like between the action and weight of that fly it could be a possibility.
  3. Cool. Where did the inspiration come from?
  4. I don't think I've ever actually felt a carp take my fly, which is why it's so hard to do in really muddy water, or why it's just hard to do. I second, or third, or whatever, an indicator/bobber in that situation. Carp fishing often requires spidey sense and jedi mind tricks. Other times it's easy and I still screw it up. Keep at it. You'll get it figured out. Frustration is just part of the deal.
  5. no, it's shaggy dub. no problems so far, although it does fade and dry out like any other silicone/rubber stuff.
  6. This is a somewhat new carp fly I came up with. Haven't had a whole lot of time to field test it but I have high hopes. Egg yarn is really visable even in pretty dirty water, and the fish seem to like it. I'll try to get an sbs together if anybody is interested...
  7. I changed my mind. Try eggs. Unweighted eggs. I'm moving back to grass carp country pretty soon and this will be my tactic. Truly....eggs. Magical.
  8. The only way i know to catch them consistently is chumming. I'm not a chummer, so I busted my ass for a looooong time to catch a few. They were all caught on small olive carp flies. I only had one come anywhere close to a real eat(like a common would eat)...the others were practically snagged in the mouth. I do think that cottonwood seed flies, mulberry flies, etc. would work really well if they are keyed into naturals or are looking up. I never had that happen once, ever, personally. Drop a mulberry fly on a grass carps head when there isn't a mulberry tree and see what happens. My vote is to find some commons and stick with them! They fight better anyway.
  9. Nice stuff man. I'm just getting into the musky thing..... so, how do you do your trailer hook? Tie a loop on the front hook and use a swivel?
  10. I keep my fly box really simple in contrast. And, at this point i hardly tie any smallie flies because i use so few. Any hard body poppers, Todd's wiggle minnow, and the tequilly fly are my go to's.
  11. squirmie Or you could use rabbit strips....or tie a rubber worm to a hook(or glue it better yet). It will cast fine.
  12. Yeah....they don't exactly have the same appeal here. i have a hard time finding people to fish with that wouldn't prefer catching tiny trout.
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