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  1. Take your "college savings" and buy the Renzetti Master Vise and be done having to chose! Then again, You'll probably want to use common sense and disregard my advise. There really isn't a simple answer, that's why most of us have more than one, and from different manufactures.
  2. Look awesome. He's a lucky person.
  3. Like the old saying goes, "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later". Either way you know you want one!
  4. Try these guys http://theflyshop.com/ The shop is a little NW of wine country. I love that area, but when I was there, I didn't fish
  5. Like Mike just said, I love my Master, and it does make life easier if you switch between hook sizes a lot. You don't even have to be going from a size 18 to a size 4/0. Just going up to a size 4 for buggers would need the jaw to be adjusted. I figure it's just a matter of time before I lose that screw on my traveler vise! With the Master it's a 10 second adjustment The quality of the materials will last several life times. To me it's worth the extra $. I plan to add the speed crank soon. Then it will be like having a "HEMI" When I first bought mine (with deluxe SW base) I thought I lost my mind! Seven months later? You would have a hard time getting me to part with it. I would be selling off a lot of other things before the Master leaves my tying room
  6. I have always worked at home. At times, if I don't need to leave the house, I can go a week or more before I realize that I haven't left! Not Good! LOL Enjoy your new perk! Remember it's tax deductible too
  7. The best method of justice that I have read so far was, Tie the POS to a chair wrapped with an RC - IED. Set the timer for two hours and stick the timer a foot from the POS head so they can count down their last 120 minutes on earth. That way they have time to think about what they did. Even if they think their going to "The Party" in their "next life" They would have to have second thoughts about what they did. If not? They were never human to begin with. gpd4 - I will say a prayer for your friend. This event gives another meaning to "One Day at a Time"
  8. Being a Bostonian, this is a tough one to deal with. If it was caused by something accidental, like a man hole cover exploding etc. It would still suck. But this is just numbing to no end. Sadly, it will become more upsetting as we see the injured being released from the hospital with missing limbs etc. My nephews fiance is an ER nurse at MGH in Boston. I can't begin to think what she had to deal with yesterday. She just started her nursing career a couple months ago. My heart goes out to everyone.
  9. I use http://www.flyftyingbeads.net. He's out of CT. Fast service and sells them by the 1000's!
  10. One thing that I do when I have to tie 6 or more of the same pattern and size is, I break it down into steps. If it has weight, I do that first on all of them. Tails, hackle, body material other than dubbing etc. But if it's a quick fly like a brassie I will do 1 at a time. I purchased a couple of those round foam holders with slots that you can attach to the post of the vice. They hold up to 18 flies, making it easy to find them! LOL One thing I learned from someone is, pick out all the hackles that you will need and then tape them to a piece of cardboard and they will be ready when you need them. Using a razor blade (the kind with one edge) can give you cleaner finished heads. When I get a new package of loose feathers, I sit down and clean the bag (messy) while watching TV. Then when needed there ready. A lot of it is prepping before you start. Have Fun!!!!
  11. I have an extra drill head left over from an upgrade to one of my drills. Do I hear an opening bid? :dunno:
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