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  1. In my experience it depends on the fly pattern. On some of my flies, adding eyes greatly increases bites but on other it works the opposite. I would experement with your patterns and see if there is any noticable difference.
  2. Sorry for the size and quality. I'm kinda proud of it though.
  3. Beautiful trout! And a very useful fly as well!
  4. So I have been taught by my great uncle the art of Maine salmon trolling streamers. This is the first spring season I have had the oppertunity to use some of my own flies to catch landlocked salmon. These are just two of the 11 salmon I caught today. The one on top was 23 inches and just over 5 pounds.
  5. Nice flies! Fishing through the ice can be alot of fun. Gool luck to you!
  6. I like to leave out a minnow trap with bread or meat in it, leave it in the water overnight. Nice way to collect all sorts of water insects that you may not catch just looking around. The only problem is you have to weed through the fish in the trap to find the bugs.
  7. Thats why I posted this. Constructive critisism. I am fairly new to tying and same goes for fly fishing so I'm not sure what works and what dosn't yet.
  8. I'd be tempted to nibble on those. And it is neat when u can watch them through the hole.
  9. Just been messin around with patterns for perch and crappie through the ice.
  10. This was my "I have no idea what I'm doing!" attempt. Gotta get the feel for it before I can dive right in.
  11. Not the greatest but its a start. Let me know what you think!
  12. I enjoy all forms of tying. I just get lost when it comes to what materials to buy.
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