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  1. hi ,always hackle first on a wet fly ,as malone states it stabalises the wing ,but every one has their own slant on things,personally i always use hen or soft hackle[partridge etc] whenever possible as on a wet fly one thing that you want is movement,with irish patterns its not about outline of a fly its about as already said movement ,and light coming through the fly ,different shades etc,i tie lots and lots of irish patterns [ask streamer tyer he'll tell you ] so malones books are my bibles and have been read many many times regards welshtyer2
  2. thanks everyone ,hi bud head is utc 70 red and thinned veniards cellire varnish couple of coats,hi davie you tying at the bff this year?if so will see you there welshtyer
  3. listening to a bit of led zeppelin tonight and though i'd tye some thing different but dont know what to call it having said that stairway to heaven was on when i finished the whip finish so maybe--- welshtyer
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by welshtyer2: unamed
  5. hi i have tried using various whip finish tools over the years but always return to the best ---my fingers!!,i use veniards cellire varnish ,i thin it down to approx 80% varnish to 20% thinners ,this allows it to penetrate the thread raps and do its job ,if you want a glossy finish then use 2 coats regards welshtyer
  6. hi ,mine have arrived ,many thanks,great flies welshtyer
  7. mine havent arrived either welshtyer
  8. hi kiwi,its the same in the uk,but i tend to find that a small majority of people will pay the extra for good quality locally tied flies as they realise that the majority of imported flies look good but are crap as they dont last ,you must promote this and point out the advantages of your flies ,and that you can provide truly local patterns and variants were as the imports are just standard patterns available anywhere hope this helps welstyer
  9. hi tims ,i have started fishing again this year after a long break,tying takes up the majority of my time so decide this year to make the effort to fish,i have been over to the states twice but havent fished there,i'm coming over in nov to tie at the symposium in somerset NJ again,i am a semi commercial tyer as its very hard to make a living over here from tying flies as we dont get the rewards for them as we should,the majority of people will buy imported african flies if you want to swap fly ideas let me know welshtyer
  10. hi tims,i am from the uk and a member of the whiting pro team this is my first year doing this, i dont think i get anymore work from being a member but i didnt apply for it for that reason,i just promote the products as much as i can and am proud of being in a team that uses the best hackle in the world
  11. hi olb ,just wondering if you have sent the flies to me yet as havent recieved them,post normally takes about 7-10 days to get here regards welshtyer
  12. hi guys,i'm 39 ,live in the uk been engaged to my partner for 19 years [she works nights at a major retail shop ]i work in a bmw garage repairing them,got 2 kids 11 yo boyand 8 yo girl, also semi commercial tying [shops and retail]not as much fishing as i'd like but hey thats life
  13. hi everyone ,i have had to re-register as cant seem to get into the site using my old name[welshtyer],i sent the flies for the swop last mon [may 23] so they should be with you in a couple of days regards welshtyer2
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