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Hi Guys,

I'm a 47 yr old married guy form the outskirts of Atlanta. I chase my trout in the mountains of North Georgia, East Tennessee, and Western North Carolina. My favorite river is the Chattooga, yes the Deliverance movie river but I've yet to hear banjos Thank God!! I got into trout fishing 30 years ago. I was a spin fisherman and thought I was so good I could fish out a creek. I bought a Cortland 1000F combo to "give the trout a chance", MAN have I been humbled since then. I started tying soon after. Then along came the wife and the kids and then the "NO money and No time" that comes along with a wife and kids so I had to quit tying and pretty much quit fishing. NOW THE KIDS ARE GONE!!!! and I've got time but relatively still no money but I'm back into it.

I'm a Nymph fisherman by preference but will use any subsurface fly. I tend to like dry flys the least. I was never bitten by the Brook Trout bug, I prefer rivers where I can lay out a full backcast. I will use an indicator but I think there is a time and place for all Nymph fishing methods.

I'm a fly tyer that has recently learned that the established patterns are about catching the person as much as the fish. I have dedicated my self to learning more about Entomology and coming up with my own patterns to match the naturals in my area. This came about after searching for a picture of a BWO Nymph to learn that they are not olive in color but varying tan and brown.

I'm a hater of "Cheap Tacky Junk Food Flies" Seems the be the craze here in Atlanta. Many fly fishermen like to go to our "Delayed Harvest" section and catch freshly stocked trout on flies like a bright pink San Juan worm or Clown egg. And then brag about it on the message boards. I just don't get it. I'm into fly fishing to best a trout on a imitation I've created of his natural food not find a fish fresh from the hatchery and entice him to eat a bright color or bunch of flash. To each his own I guess.

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