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  1. Thanks to all who took time to reply. I used hard as nails on the four streamers I tied; that save the day. I was using a Loon product and one reply rated that the worst.
  2. Wanted to use the UV cured epoxy system since I first saw it. Bought the light and a tube of Loon UV wader repair on the advice of a clerk at the store. Used it for the first time this afternoon. No matter how long I shine the light on the epoxy, it feels slightly tacky. Is the problem that the wader repair is intended to be flexible? If so, what product should I have bought?
  3. Bluegill 576 thanks for your advice. However, I have already bought the jig pole, reel and line. Will give it a shot to see what its capabilities are.
  4. About a month ago, I was fishing Lake Orange in Virginia and saw a guy using the Tenkara system. Looked doable for close in fishing. Have watched a video of Tenkara fisherman in Japan and their casting technique. System works for close in fishing. I would want a hybrid system of a long pole that can be used the Tenkara way and yet is equipped with reel and line so that it can be cast further when and if needed. I hope I've stumble into that. Bought an 11' jigging pole on clearance for $20. Been practicing with it on 6wt and 8wt lines. Casts the 6 okay and the 8 very well. For fly fishing, it is a very slow action rod. Just ordered a 7wt line for it this morning. Fad or not, thought I'd give it a try. Only draw back is it is a two piece rod so you'd have the carry longer sections back into tighter areas. I originally bought it with thoughts of salt water fishing but I think the rod is too soft for that.
  5. I've gotten lazy and just use straight tippet material. I've never fished technical waters that require differently.
  6. Tidewater Fly I agree that is an amazing collection. My jaw dropped when I saw it. Thanks many times over for sharing it.
  7. Murphy got me again (over and over). Saw a video on how to tie a dynamite pattern(s) and I don't have some or any of the required materials. Just getting into salt water fishing and saw some very interesting patterns but now I have to save up for the required buck tails, flash and saddles in the required colors. I didn't even have the recommended hooks. They recommended Eagle Claw L253's. Found L254's in the correct size and will substitute them. On the other end of the scale saw a pattern that calls for a snow shoe rabbits foot fur. Good luck on finding that. I usually end up substituting what I have and can find for what is recommended. I assume this to be a universal problem.
  8. Steve thanks for letting me know. I'll shut up for a while. Hope Will feels better soon.
  9. .Still cannot "Browse By Target Species". Trying to do so results in a Blank white Screen. Fortunately, the back button does work.
  10. Fly Pattern Database responds with a blank white screen when I request the flies for say trout or panfish. Never had this problem in the past.
  11. Very nice work, thanks for sharing! I use chenille all the time on dry, wet and wooly burgers. Have even added to some streamers. Have never used jigs with my fly rod.
  12. Bookmarked all to favorites. Very easily understood. Several very good suggestions such as the guard on the parachute fly for doing the whip finish. Thanks
  13. Got mine and love it. Thanks for all the hard work.
  14. Have looked with interest at a number of parachute files tied with a polypropylene fiber post. What is the source of the fibers? are they based on rope or a form of yarn? Thanks in advance!
  15. Sorry to hear of you hurting yourself with your related health concerns. Hope everything works out in that regards! I admire you getting out in this hot weather. With triple digit tempatures here, I don't care if the fish are bitting, its too hot for me. Fly fishing is my comfort sport. I'll wait for cooler weather. Won't go out when it's too cold either. Arthritis would badly flare up If I did. Did I say I'm a weather wimp? I'll spend my spare time tying. That's a sport(?) I can enjoy year round in comfort. Keep pushing myself to try new patterns. Then on nice days, taking them out and see how they fish. By that, I mean do they cast, float, sink or move under water as I expect. A very nice extra is to catch fish with them.
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