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  1. Hey thoses baitfish flys look like they would take some smallies.
  2. trout,almon anglers fishing the famous Rangeley Lakes region of Maine realize they are within a few canoe paddle strokes of the home of the Grey Ghost, one of the most popular flys ever tied. Still few have heard of Carrie Stevens, the creator of the fly. Stevens lived with her husband, a Maine fishing guide, in a modest cottage beside a portage trait between Mooselookmeguntic and Upper Richardsons lakes, both noted for brook trout and landlocked salmon. On July 1, 1924, she was busy with housework when she got and idea for a streame. "I suddenly had and inspiration of dressing a streamer fly with gray wings to imitate a smelt," she said. To this day the smelt is the primary forage fish in both lakes. It didn't take Steven's long to fashion a creation that had two hackle wings and an underbody of white bucktail. As and afterthought she added several other feather " which i thought enhanced its appearance and its resemblance to a baitfish," she said. Carrie Steven's tooik it immediately to the nearby Upper Dam pool where she landed a 6-pound 13-ounce brook trout. A Connecticut banker also fishing the pool that day witnessed her catch and suggested she name the fly Gray Ghost. Word of the amazing Gray Ghost spread quickly through the angling world and Steven's was swamped with orders for the fly. " Soon i found i was in the flytying business," she said. Carrie Stevens continued to tie her popular flies until her death in 1970. Her friends and admirers have erected a plaque in her memory across the portage trail from the Stevens cottage. Robert M. Gooch. I just thought it was a good story people should here. Hope everyone liked it.
  3. Welcome, this place is awsome. You will learn much from the forum. And your about to have a new love of your life. Fly Fishing. Good luck and if you need help dont be afraid to ask around.
  4. how long does it take to tie one?
  5. Thanks for all the tips. Ill look in the database for some new patterns i just needed and idea where to start.
  6. Well i live up here in wv and the weather is a bit on the cooler side lately. I love fishing for smallies. Ive been to the river in the past few days and cant seem to hook up. Poppers and sliders are not affecting the fish anymore. I ve tried white and black buggers lol and some green midge patterns still no luck. :wallbash: Lots of fall fish and sunfish but no smallies in the warmer weather i frailed smallies but now since it turned cold no luck. what patterns do i need or what am i doing wrong. also i really want to catch a carp before times up tried lots of patterns crayfish and such but no luck. thanks for any advice.
  7. I know how you feel i thought i was doing good with my flys until i seen the work on here. I blows my mind what some people can do with string and feathers. :yahoo: But i also take into consideration that some of these people have been at it a long time. So i think to myself with more time and practice ill get their.
  8. I like to use slider patterns and foam poppers they seem to do reel well. Its been raining for almost a week straight here. but today the sun is shinning and thier is clear skys and i cant wait to go out this afternoon. Sounds like you are a lucky man i dont know if a smallie is worth a lightning strike though lol. Shows how the diawa baitcaster holds up to harsh weather
  9. Big welcome from from WV. This place is awsome. Been a ember for about a month now. Their is so many patterns and ideas and just great talk on the forum. Hope to see some of your work. dont let the computer get you down people around here are always glad to help.
  10. Try to pick up some straight shank hooks and superglue and remember old flipflops .. :headbang:
  11. I was just wondering if anyone has much luck in the rain. and if you do what type of patterns do you use. Smallies, Carp, Trout. Etc. And does anyone like a small drizzle. Sometimes i have much more luck in a small drizzle.
  12. THanks for all the good patterns im gonna try the most of them hope they do well. and thanks
  13. I think im going to try that Clouser's Swimming Nymph and possibly the crazy carper i hope i can tie them well thanks for the ideas ill keep them in mind
  14. I was looking for some pretty easy carp patterns. I guess something that would sink straight to the bottom. If anyone can tell me a few it would be much helpfull. Gonna fish the southbranch in eastern wv this week. I always see monster carp but they just swim on by.:wallbash: Thanks for any advice.
  15. So whats the big difference is smaller streams for trout and bigger faster streams?
  16. I read about flys for the west. Which made me wonder about opinions on flys for the east. Just curious on what everyone uses.
  17. wonder what i can use instead of the Antron?
  18. hey if you find anything out on this subject please pm me im also doing a little reasurce ill fill you in with what i got in a bit.
  19. Thats some good advice is their a material list for those flys? what size hooks and so forth?
  20. Hey all I was just wondering whats the best fly to start on if your brand new to tying?
  21. Never thought of it like that maybe i need to find a few good friends i can trust not to out bid me that knows what to look for as a good deal. i cant wait to start tying i think in the long run it will save me money. i hate going out and buying all my flies and poppers from a hunting shop and so forth because thats all we pretty much have around here. It would also give me something to do when im sitting in the house and cant get to the water on those winter days.
  22. Thanks for the advice i have been checking out e-bay for some time now i found a few kits starting at 20 that comes with a vise sissors and bobbin. and also a big selection of holesale feathers and materials for 10 or so dollers how do i know if they are worth it or not? i hate to keep bugging you peeps with what seems like easy questions. thanks :headbang:
  23. Well im from the eastern panhandle of west virginia. And i do alot of smallmouth bass fishing. I also like to trout fish but its hard to find a good stream that isnt trampled or over fished. should i look on the internet like e-bay for tools or just check out local shops. i also would like to try carp fishing becouse i see lots of them in the same river i fish in for panfish. what type of flys to carp go for by the way. thanks for the advice.
  24. Hello all. I was hopeing to get some advice on what all i need to buy to start tying my own fly's. My budget is kinda low but im going to start buying some stuff slowly and hopefully with a little time ill have what i need to start tying. Is there anyone suggestions as to what and where i should start my search for fly tying tools and so forth? Thanks for any help.
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