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  1. Welcome to AZ! We've got quite a bit of water here for you to explore, some fun fishing opportunities to catch fish you can't get anywhere else in the world too. The state is really starting to wake up fishing wise right now, lots of lake and creek opportunities as its warming up fast. If you make it up to the Phoenix area sometime and want to chase some fish let me know.
  2. I've gone through one of those(warmwater) line on my urban 5wt. Unless you like heavily overlined rods, you probably wont want to put that 7wt line on a 6wt. The line is already about a half weight over in the head, helps it turn over bigger bass bugs etc. The line casts well, and shoots pretty nice. It doesn't last long though, it has a pretty soft coating and will nick and lose its slick coating pretty quickly. Mine lasted about a season of some pretty heavy fishing with it, those were my observations. Overall it was a good line, but a little short lived used in an urban environment.
  3. Sorry for the late reply... 1) I haven't found a light or resin that wont work together yet. I've tried... CCG, Loon, Solarez, Bug Bond and Rio... 2) You can score the scorpion lights for $10 pretty easily and they work well. The Solarez light is $39 and I really like it. But $30 is a lot of other materials if you're looking to save some money.
  4. Must be operator error, then. (Several wee 3906s became projectiles this evening.) You might be trying to clamp the hook with too little actual hook in the jaws, or have it adjusted too tight.
  5. swellcat, I've tied down to 28 on mine so far without any problems. The biggest issue with hooks is very large hooks and getting them in the perfect spot so they are rock solid hold. Small hooks sit right in the tips and have no problems for me.
  6. The Mini Hopper looks good, Ben would be proud!
  7. Those look great. I can attest, Bluegill love the Mini Hoppers...
  8. acorn, the wood base and dowel were from Michaels craft store... You could get them at any crafty place. Just drill the center, glue in the dowel.. The containers are from Walmart.. they run $1 each. 1/4" drill bit and just drill each out. I
  9. 60 colors in about 12" tall tower. only about 4" footprint. You could go taller, or just a 2nd one for the other half of your collection. Each section holds a full bag (2grams) of dubbing for the most part. Costs about $12 to make.
  10. Yeah, so the 2 on the lid were experiments... I cast them for the first time this past weekend... And on a fast 8wt they were interesting to cast... The one has a 6/0 hook the other an 8/0. The materials are "sawtooth" which is like a course flash type material, fully synthetic so it retains no water once you pull it out to cast, but the bulk and width catch so much air on the cast that anything further than 40-45ft was tough to pull off. It looks GREAT in the water though, can't wait a couple more weeks till the pike are up and eating and stuff it in the face of one of them.
  11. I use the Trokar hook boxes that Cabelas sells for $15... Hold LOTS of flies and are much slimmer than the craft boxes that are similar that people use. This is 2 boxes and about 4 dozen or so flies... I could fit more if I wanted.
  12. Kirk, the surfboard resin sold by Solarez stinks to high heaven, but its not the same as the fly tying resins at all. Their Fly Tying specific resins cure almost identical to the CCG and Loon products I have and don't really have an odor. The Polyester Resin I tried from them a couple years back took forever to cure, this was before they came out with their fly tying line. If you haven't tried their fly tying specific resins you might want to take a look at them. BTW, cool article!
  13. whatfly, you can get it directly from them in any length and width, but you need a minimum order that it quite substantial from what I understand.
  14. clearcreek, I haven't personally used that light so I can't say if it is in the right spectrum etc, but most likely it would work. If you have an Ace Hardware near you they sell a "Scorpion" light that works just fine in about the same price range. Here are a few that I had for a comparison article along with the new Solarez light and the Original CCG light... http://www.azbythefly.com/articles/gear-reviews/75-uv-cure-flashlight-comparison
  15. Thanks for posting up about the fibers JS. whatfly & all... So there are different "sizes" of Angelina both in length and in fiber width... About mid way though this thread and sending out many samples, I dug through my kit and found an old bag of actual branded ice dub that I had squirreled away. The fibers I sent you guys are more coarse than the actual ice dub for sure. I had a chance to go through my garage-o-dub boxes and I found another box of Angelina, this stuff much finer, and when compared to the bag of ice dub I have here its almost a perfect match when dyed... So unfortunately I sent everyone that asked the coarse stuff (except the last 2 guys I think I included the finer stuff as well)... I'm out of stamps, but if anyone wants a sample of either the course or the finer stuff you can send me a SASE and I'll get it back to you.
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