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  1. thanks for the tips guys. are there any stores that sell that dye, not online.
  2. So heres the question i got the book fly tiers benchside reference and am realy enjoying making the peackock quill bodies as explaned in the book. but the thing is all my quills are a light grey and black. is there anyway to dye these. prefferebly with food coloring or koolaid. also is there anyway to dye and burn the barbules at the same time one of the tails accidentaly broke off<><>
  3. ha i have the same thing, it took me forever to figure out what it was. that one is especially hard to use because you have to always hold it in place
  4. thank you very much. i like that fly alot, it looks alot easier than the other ones i looked at.
  5. BTW what are some good stonefly patterns i cant seem to find one that fits me
  6. Thank you very much i would have never thought of using a caddis i thought they were only late in the year
  7. anyone out fishing yet i was wondering if anyone has some flies that are working in west md right now, i have no experience in fishing this early in the year. ive seen a bunch of lil brown stoneflies. do fish eat these??? i hevent seen them feed on them yet
  8. if you havent bought a rod yet i would buy the cabellas l- tech rod, its on sale right now for under 150$ and ive heard its as good or better than a sage.
  9. So anyone in western MD out fishing, if so, how are you doing any reports, favorite flies? I was out last week fishing muddy creek, swallow falls, and herrington creek. i had one take but nothing to show for it. i was using streamers, because i didnt figure the stockies have adapted yet i was at the spot where the yough meets swallow falls and i saw a little brown stone fly hatch i would have used a copy fly but the water was way too fast and muddy to fish dries, in my opinion untitled.bmp
  10. For me its how fast im fishing the fly early in the year i use mostly beadless so it will drop slower alowing me to fish it slower (i dont like dragging my nymphs) . And i do the reverse later in the year.
  11. if your looking for a very cheap option, find someone who use to sell marykay chances are they have the hard plastic case that has a top half for all loose materials, with tons of compartments and a bottom half for all tools and large packaged materials. i know its pink but the pink half comes off and can be spray painted. a compony must have made tons of fly tying boxes and marykay bought them all because they are absolutely perfect.
  12. Whell i just bought wallmarts courtland (5-6wt), also cabellas had a traditional 2 rod on sale for only 45$ (normally 100$) so i bought it too(4wt).
  13. thanks for the encoragement every one, so far its comming along nicely i have compleatley cleared out the land and am now gathering the stuff i need. its starting to get cold so im done working outside for the winter, now i have alot of time to gather stuff. BTW i dont have the money but i have alot of usefull junk laying around
  14. wait so this means i dont need a permit since theirs two stars.
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