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  1. Yes, I usualy fish in freshwater, but i really like to fish for snook and baby tarpon when i have the chance..
  2. Peacock bass, in amazon or Lago do Peixe( it's not a place of giant's peacock bass, but you will catch a lot of then ) Or Venezuela, in Taguarica Lagoon, fishing for baby tarpon
  3. Fish that like to eat terrestrials flies, then when o set the hook, jump's like crazy! Awesome fish to fly fish!
  4. Thanks for the reply's Agn54, I also like bendback's, and the places that I usually fish, they are necessary..
  5. Tiemco 8089 #2 White Bucktail ENRICO PUGLISI ULTRA BRUSH 12,5 cms Enrico Puglisi eyes 6mm
  6. I love my redington predator #6
  7. IFly, there fight aren't long, they jump and shake their head, but the best part of fly fishing for traira it's when they hit a flie, they are very brutal.. No Voodoo, this is a Traira..
  8. João Rodrigo


    Another fish that like to eat flies!
  9. Thanks Guys! I will post more kind's of fish that we fish here in Brazil!
  10. Old Sage Bass still works well
  11. I tie with a renzetti traveler.. It's an excellent vise..
  12. Thank's for the reply's guys, i use this for peacock and largemuth bass, and work really well
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