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  1. Yes, I usualy fish in freshwater, but i really like to fish for snook and baby tarpon when i have the chance..
  2. Peacock bass, in amazon or Lago do Peixe( it's not a place of giant's peacock bass, but you will catch a lot of then ) Or Venezuela, in Taguarica Lagoon, fishing for baby tarpon
  3. Fish that like to eat terrestrials flies, then when o set the hook, jump's like crazy! Awesome fish to fly fish!
  4. Thanks for the reply's Agn54, I also like bendback's, and the places that I usually fish, they are necessary..
  5. Tiemco 8089 #2 White Bucktail ENRICO PUGLISI ULTRA BRUSH 12,5 cms Enrico Puglisi eyes 6mm
  6. IFly, there fight aren't long, they jump and shake their head, but the best part of fly fishing for traira it's when they hit a flie, they are very brutal.. No Voodoo, this is a Traira..
  7. Another fish that like to eat flies!
  8. Thanks Guys! I will post more kind's of fish that we fish here in Brazil!
  9. I tie with a renzetti traveler.. It's an excellent vise..
  10. Thank's for the reply's guys, i use this for peacock and largemuth bass, and work really well
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