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  1. Fabric paint? That's a pretty cool idea that I've never heard of before. What brand of fabric paints do you use because I want to give that a try. As far as flexible coatings, I've started using Softex for my saltwater flies instead of epoxy. The only real drawbacks I've encountered are a slight haziness when I coat eyes, and it's a little harder to build up layers with. Oh, whoever it was that said it didn't have an odor must have dead nerve endings in their nose or work on a skunk farm. Harris
  2. That's an idea I haven't tried. Thanks Fred. Harris
  3. Hey that's a pretty cool use of the silli skin......which I'm still having problems handling. I'm thinkingof tying some tubes for use in saltwater down here along the TX gulf coast. Your pattern gave me some ideas. Nice tie, man. Screaming Reels... H.P. Ashley
  4. Since getting out of the Army I've been trying to get my fly tying business and guide service off the ground.
  5. Yeah, I just checked out the link SmallieHunter sent me Red. That's what I love about this site....ask and ye shall recieve. :headbang: Harris
  6. Hey Smalliehunter, yeah, I'm using two different colors for them. I just picked up two jars of softex that I haven't had a chance to use yet. Ya think that'll work?
  7. Hey, that sounds like a good idea. I've got 25-30lb hard mason, I figure that should work. Thanks! Yeah, I started using zonker strips because the redfish down here have been chewing the bucktail clousers to pieces.......plus I've got so much chartruese colored zonker strips, I needed something to use them on. Got 'em on sale, bought the whole lot.......you know how it goes. Thanks again. Harris :headbang:
  8. I was tying some Brown & Root Divers the other day to fish the very same flats the fly is named after. Well, after stacking and trimming the deer hair on my fifth diver (you know what kind of a mess that can result in) I got a little tired....or lazy is more like it. I was trying to figure out a way to make this great red fish producing pattern more durable and faster to tie. Well, I remembered I had some size 4 popper bodies somewhere so I dug them out. Well to make an already long story short, I tied the tail section as the original Ray Chapa recipe called for. However instead of taking the 10 minutes to stack and trim the deer hair head, I just epoxied the popper head on backwards and wa-la! I used marker to two tone the head and just put a layer of clear nail polish over it. I fished it and it worked like a charm, stood up to fish after fish, and didn't cast like a wet cotton ball after 20 minutes. I'm sure someone else has done this, but for me it was a nice little revelation. I can't post a pic (which I will when I can find my dang cable to recharge my digital camera). Just wanted to share the idea. Screaming Reels... Harris aka Windknot
  9. I figure SOMEONE out there has already done this and has the fix for my problem. I'm tying clousers substituting the bucktail for zonker strips. They work fine and have great action in the water, but the darn zonker strips foul around the hook. BTW, the zonker strips are secured to the hook shank, the problem is with the part that extends beyond the hook bend. Any ideas how to keep that from happening without affecting the action of the strips? Thanks in advance... Harris
  10. Nice fish and nice fly. I'm going to have to tie a few of those up myself. I'm fishing the Ocean Kayak Masters tournament on May 6th and I think that fly would be a great addition to my box. There's nothing like throwing flies at tailing reds and being rewarded with the sound of line peeling off the reel! Harris :headbang:
  11. Just wanted to know if anyone could suggest some fly patterns to use for Jacks and Pompano. I've moved back to Corpus Christi TX and will be hitting the surf to key in on these two species......problem is I don't know what the heck to throw at 'em. Thank in advance and screaming reels to all. Harris
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll try those patterns out you pictured in your post, Philly. Hey Ted, thanks for the "Howdy back to Texas, it's great to bed pack. I blew a shot at some tailing reds yesterday.....they popped up not 25 feet away from me. I didn't even seem 'em until I turned around and started heading back to shore. Anyways, thanks again everyone. Remember the Alamo, and Remember the Oriskany (my Dad's old boat during the Korean War). Screaming Reels.... Harris
  13. Just wanted to know if anyone could recommend some patterns using silicon. I've recently moved back to Corpus Christi Texas and have started getting my saltwater boxes together. I started trying my hand at using silicon in my patterns, but have developed a case of "tyers block"...if you know what I mean. Anyways, if anyone out there knows of a site or even some patterns I can try I'd appreciate the info. Thanks in advance. Screaming reels.... -Harris
  14. Hey my buddy just told me this one...thought it was funny: PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. screaming reels~ harris
  15. Good point guys....didn't think of it like that. Redleg- what you said about legalizing dope had me rollin... :hyst: :hyst: screaming reels~ Harris
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