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  1. Good stuff K. :thumbsup: Nice to see another Peak Vise user. I've had mine for 3 years and haven't had a problem with it. The only thing I might suggest is taking that bright white base off and giving it a light coat of gray spray paint. I did that to mine after about 2 weeks of tying with it and realizing the glare was giving me a headache. :wallbash: Maybe it doesn't bother you like it did me but keep it in mind. Keep it up!! Scotty
  2. Bugger, Clouser, Hares ear. I understand what you mean about beginners and dubbing, but on a hares ear using pre-packaged dubbing it's not that bad and dubbing is a very useful skill. Don't fear the dubbing! :flex: Scotty
  3. Nice shots...Good looking Manchild ya got there! Takes after Mom?? :hyst: :j_k: Scotty
  4. Got mine Tuesday! My buddy Ian up at Flymasters called me and told me they were in and that he had one set aside for me. Pretty sure they just needed my $$$ since I can't walk into the shop and not spend at least $30. Great job everyone! Will, Al and Gretchen, all the contributors..you guys do such a great job! :headbang: Scotty
  5. Do not be afraid of dubbing. Pinch dubbing, ropes, noodles, dubbing loops, these can all seem frustrating and impossible to get right. With practice comes familiarity and with that eventually comes mastery and innovation. After learning to like dubbing and enjoy all the different things I can do with it I very, very rarely use chenile in anything anymore. Scotty.
  6. http://www.utahflydrifters.com/store/streamers.php Better pic here. I'm still looking. S.
  7. Griffin ceramics in a couple different sizes ($12-13 at your local shop) that have really held up well and do what I ask of them. I also have a Rite ceramic bobbin($20) that I use for deer hair and woolhead work when I'm using GSP or 210 denier and really want to put the shoes to it! Scotty.
  8. Is he back overseas again? :bugeyes: Happy B-day dude. Stay safe and come back soon. Scotty.
  9. GOOG!! Also known as Goggle eye and Warmouth. S.
  10. Pretty sure my local Flyshop still has a ton of that ultra-braid in their bargin bin. I'll take a look if you want me to. Any particular color (s) ? Crystal antron chenille by Cascade would probably work too. I've got a few packs of that lying around that I was gonna do something with. :dunno: Scotty
  11. So, by this line of reasoning; the Nor-Vise is great because a few people have one and a Renzetti is not because a lot of tyers use them. There a a lot of former N-V users (I am one of them) and none that I ever ran into is sorry they left the Nor-Vise behind. It suits SOME tyers tying style but not many. Hey Trout-B....Reread his statement. I believe you may have misunderstood him. Put good in quotation marks or substitute the word "poorly designed" or "unpopular" Scotty.
  12. THAT'S IT?????? :dunno: I opened this thread just to read what Brent would have to say in his eloquent way. :ripped: S.
  13. I actually tied a bunch of those Friday night. Looking good there, but you may wanna shorten your collar up a bit. Yours looks to be about 2/3 of the hook shank and 1/3 is the preferred proportion. And are you using brown calf tail underneath your wing??? HERETIC!!!! :j_k: Good stuff man..If my river wasn't like Choclate Milk I'm sure I'dve slayed 'em this weekend on those! S.
  14. Thank you..... Talk about fast service... :bugeyes: S.
  15. Some time ago someone around here was selling clear plastic tubes for storage of hanked materials such as flashabou. I have a couple carousels on my desk that work great for holding / organizing this stuff but they're a pain to carry to a buddies house when we wanna tie. I need something I can slip a few hanks into and drop em in my bag when I travel. Ridderbos...Day 5...was it one of you? :dunno: Thanks...Scotty
  16. Good stuff there! Simple to tie, a bit of weight, easy to change colors...I give it :thumbsup: Scotty.
  17. Fishyman

    Happy Birthday, Bud

    Have a happy! Scotty.
  18. J.Z. I rarely, if ever, comment or criticize someones fly design. I figure if you like it, great. Different strokes for different folks right? With that being said I gotta say that while it's inventive and original, I think you may have designed the first topwater Crawfish Fly. Even with the dumbell eyes and assuming you wrapped the hook shank with wire I would say the best you can hope for is neutral bouyancy which kind of goes against the design of a Craw Fly. I'd lose the foam carpace / tail and go with something a bit less "floaty". Unless, of course, you've got a plan that I'm not hip to? :dunno: Kudos for trying something new buddy.. Scotty.
  19. These pics are about a year old...It all fit...then. :dunno: Strange how tying materials seem to propogate when we sleep? S. P.S. "Know whats really sad Mike....I look at that post and I could tell you what bench belongs to what member just by looking at the pic. Thats just strange" I got about half of 'em and I could guess at a couple others...lol
  20. I agree that they're fun to make and a useful skill to have..but saving money? You may be saving a little coin, but what's your time worth? I pulled out a pack of Wapsi Medium Mono Eyes that I picked up from my local fly shop just down the street. $1.50 for 24 eyes. Lets call it 25 eyes for ease of math. $1.50 divided by 25 eyes = .06 a piece Lets just say after cutting my mono into lengths, placing it in the pliers, flaming it, etc, etc and assuming I don't screw a single one of them up and I had the mono lying around anyways so it was free..I can make 1 set of eyes every 30 seconds = 12 minutes ( I dropped the "extra" set of eyes for ease) 60 minutes divided by 12 = 5 sets of 24 per hour 5 x $1.50 = $7.50 My tying time is worth more than $7.50 an hour....What if you can only produce 3 packs worth an hour for whatever reason (about 1 set a minute) $4.50 an hour you've saved. :dunno: I'm not trying to be a schmuck...really I'm not. It's just that when you figure savings of "making" as opposed to "buying" you've got to figure in your time as well. This conversation starts to get dangerously close to the " I tie my own flies to save money" train of thought, which we all know is definitely "Bravo Sierra" :ripped: My .02 worth...Scotty
  21. In a word....YES!! I've tied for a few years now and could never get comfortable with having my scissors in my hand while I tied. I tried to teach myself to deal but always reverted to putting em down and picking em up....until. I got the offsets about 3 months ago and the difference is night and day. The offset handle sits on my ring finger all the time and I never even think about em til I need em. If you're having the same problem I was, do yourself a favor and get a pair....NOW! Scotty
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