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  1. Another great looking fly, one I would like in my fly box
  2. Love it and I think i will be tying some of these for my fly box, it will be a very handy fly. Thanks for sharing it with us
  3. A coincidence that I've just been tying some of these as there a useful fly
  4. Thats a nice fly Hans. I think I'll tie some of those up as it looks like one very handy fly
  5. My variant of a GRHE. I tie them in size #14 and #16 and they work for me
  6. I'm an average fly tier really only concerned with catching fish with my own flies. I've caught some memorable fish with some very scrappy flies. I think the only ones interested in perfect ties are the fly tiers, not the fish
  7. My favourite searching dry fly pattern, nice
  8. Those are some great looking flies and nicely tied
  9. A great site, thank you for sharing
  10. Beautifully tied, well done. Thats a real fish catcher
  11. Hi all, Here is a photograph of a Reverse Hackle fly tied on a #14 Mustad Swimming Nymph hook. Its a combination of several flies which i thought would work on the local rainbows and brown trout Pardon the quality of the photograph as it was taken with the IPhone.
  12. I have adequate numbers in both beaded and standard nymphs
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