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  1. Very nice desk indeed. I noticed your Vise base, how does that function?
  2. I wanted to buy a used Ultra light flyrod, say 2/3 wt & this guy responded saying he had both. I told him I'd consider them & that I was a disabled vet. Turns out he was too & he said "Which 1 do you like & what's your address?" I read that PM but it didn't register, so I signed off the forum (not this 1) & I was on another forum reading different posts. When I thought "what did that say?" So I signed back onto that forum & couldn't believe my eyes. Needless to say I sent him my address, he sent me a St.Croix Avid 7' 3wt with/rodcase, a couple of bags (fishpond & another can't recall name) To this day I am overwhelmed with gratitude, it is my absolute Favorite rod, not to mention my most expensive rod & everytime I catch something with this rod I remember this wonderful & generous guy I have never met. He doesn't tie flies & I have been working on some for him, as a Thank You. But honestly I can never repay his his generosity & I don't really mean in a material way..the feeling I had when I re-read the PM & I received the package I don't believe I can duplicate for him & I will never forget him for it.. What a kind & generous act,,,,,,,& if he happens to frequent this site all I can say is "I truly am forever Greatful for your kind & generous act, & I really am working on the flies, I'm just slow"
  3. Seems to me that the blender could become clogged with the fibers??????
  4. Very nicely done, & I might add you make it look very simple
  5. That is a thing of Beauty, & will Absolutely catch some fish
  6. Everyone seems to have too much time on their hands. Solution keep tying until your inventory is more manageable. Or lastly make donations to this poor old vet
  7. I like the uniqueness of the 1st 1 & those 2 Green 1's will slay fish Very Nice Indeed
  8. I started with Wooley Buggers, Clousers & Poppers pretty & YouTube realy helped guide me through them
  9. Shrimp Salsa or Salsa Shrimp Shrimp Caliente Spicy Shrimp That things HOT
  10. Hank Patterson's "Midge-a-trois" Hahaha
  11. You appear to be a quick leaner "Def. looks a lot harder than it looks" Huh? LOL
  12. Very, Very fine German Enginering
  13. Look at the Peak vise as well, I have 1 & a very happy w/it
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