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  1. I wanted to buy a used Ultra light flyrod, say 2/3 wt & this guy responded saying he had both. I told him I'd consider them & that I was a disabled vet. Turns out he was too & he said "Which 1 do you like & what's your address?"

    I read that PM but it didn't register, so I signed off the forum (not this 1) & I was on another forum reading different posts. When I thought "what did that say?" So I signed back onto that forum & couldn't believe my eyes.

    Needless to say I sent him my address, he sent me a St.Croix Avid 7' 3wt with/rodcase, a couple of bags (fishpond & another can't recall name)

    To this day I am overwhelmed with gratitude, it is my absolute Favorite rod, not to mention my most expensive rod & everytime I catch something with this rod I remember this wonderful & generous guy I have never met.

    He doesn't tie flies & I have been working on some for him, as a Thank You. But honestly I can never repay his his generosity & I don't really mean in a material way..the feeling I had when I re-read the PM & I received the package I don't believe I can duplicate for him & I will never forget him for it..


    What a kind & generous act,,,,,,,& if he happens to frequent this site all I can say is "I truly am forever Greatful for your kind & generous act, & I really am working on the flies, I'm just slow"

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