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  1. Very nice, I found that ear-plugs don't really have the desired "pop" I was looking for in a "Popper" just too soft.
  2. Yeah over-the-top here too, however I like the concept of cross-ribbing & never thought about it. Looking forward to trying it though
  3. WTH, are you having a Garage Sale by chance??????
  4. I left Maine in the early 1970's as a kid. I sure remember those Blizzards, my Mom drove a Nash Rambler station wagon Haha, it would snow so hard I had to pull two ropes she tied around the wipers & we were following a snow plow all the way from Bangor to Portland what a trip! Years later my Ex-wife who was from Colorado, we lived in Denver @ the time. Told me were getting ready to have a Blizzard. I had to laugh. In Colorado they don't have a clue what a real Blizzard is
  5. I don't think that's very funny I have a 16 yr old son!
  6. Tie up some sz 14's in Black, all Black with a beadhead or a splitshot, they Love Em. I catch em 12-14" here in Lake Austin all day long, Great Little Fighters, Especially on a 2 or 3 wt
  7. Pedestal & it doesn't move but the table does
  8. I don't believe you tied those! I think you just took the bug and stuck em on the hook!
  9. Old leather fly wallets used to be filled with felt pages. Maybe a felt band color of your choice
  10. Not a waste of time, will definately catch fish
  11. Roofish

    wooly bugger

    There is nothing about that video that I didn't LIKE, especially the mixture of tying & action shots Fabulously Done
  12. Upsidedown Frogs are Great over grass & lillies
  13. I have a white lab who could supply the world with hair haha
  14. I have a 2012 & a 2013 & Love Em
  15. flytire, not sure what I was thinking. Haha, guess it was too early in the morning or late @ night
  16. I have a Peak Pedestal Rotary vise that I really like, the price point $149 won out over the HMH. But I'm originally from Maine, so I have considered getting the HMH too..... What do you like or dislike about your HMH? Appreciate all answer's
  17. How did you get free shipping? It says orders under $100, costs $5 & the pack is $65?
  18. I have the Peak Pedestal Rotary & really enjoy it as opposed to the 1st vise I was given, an old cheap clamp vise. Then I had a Cabelas Vise kit my son got me & now my Peak I like the lamp too, but $. Is the D-arm helpful? Thought about getting 1 Also does anyone have HMH vise & how do you like it, I'm orginally from Maine so I had to decide between Peak & HMH & again $. Would like to get 1 someday.
  19. So which Ott Light do you guys have & which 1 would you recommend? http://www.ottlite.com/c-39-desktable.aspx
  20. Are those 2 flies in the video saltwater or freshwater, their both on siver hooks so I assume they are saltwater flies. Is this right?
  21. I have been tying alittle more than 2 yrs, I have the Peak Pedestal Rotary vise, Dr Slick tying tool set & an assortment of materials. After reaing this it is clear to me that I fall well below a Beginner. I can't tie from recipes as I usually don't have all the correct materials. I have tied a few decent Buggers & Clousers, that look like said fly. Of the hundreds of others, I've tied I haven't clue what you would call them. This always annoys the blank_____ out of me. As I want to get better & have those nice looking fly boxes you guys have. But my son & I catch fish with them. Very Frustrated
  22. I'm a new tyer & a friend gave me 2 Ringed Neck Pheasants that don't have much color to them maybe male? Could anyone tell me what to use these for?
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