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  1. Very well said! Even though I've only been fly fishing & tying for a few yrs I believe this happens in alot of things in life Alot of you have mentioned buying in bulk, is there a site you could recommend that sells inexpensive bulk?
  2. I tie alot of Horrible & I mean Horrible flies! But I just enjoy tying & well they somehow catch fish Haha That will Definately catch some fish, Nice work!
  3. Oh, 1 other thing a couple of you talked about their bad attitudes & aggressiveness. Which reminds me of a story my middle son told me, I'm a single Dad w/3 sons. Anyways, he was in Colorado visiting his mother @ his Grandmother's house & she has always had some chickens (& 1rooster) mostly for eggs. Apparently he, my middle son (about ten @ the time & quite a scrappy kid) was in the backyard & the well the rooster didn't want company. So he let my son know, my son wouldn't back down & has scars to prove it. When my son returned home I asked him what happen & he told me, I was laughung so hard. I would have paid Big $ to see him go @ it w/that rooster LOL
  4. As a relatively new tyer, I sure have learned alot from this post. I really appreciate everyone's input Ebrant10, I too would be very interested in your product. If not a full skin, maybe a neck & a saddle. Assuming you are going to sell those Anyways, Please put me on your list as well! Rudy
  5. Peter Gathercole has 2 books, The Fly Tying Bible & Fly Tying for Begginers both $25
  6. When & if I use it, Sally Hard as Nails. Usually just whip finish it
  7. Where did you get EP fibers?
  8. Is that EP fibers or craft fur?
  9. Perch/Sunfish I catch em 10-12" & they fight like crazy
  10. I use all fishing methods. & I'm no snoot.......& I tie some terrible flies that catch fish. Can't we just enjoy fishing??????
  11. Hank Patterson says "Rain-Browns & Cut-Bows" Hahaha
  12. That's Fabulous, Love that action too
  13. I have plenty of storage space for those of you that have to many materials
  14. IMHO , Labs are Absolutely the BEST Here is "Sir Maximus Desimus Meridius" or "Max" He is an Angel, who can't please enough:) In Colorado "Go ahead try to get it"
  15. I could use some materials, if you guys still happen to have some
  16. I have a Furminator & my Lab doesn't mind donating more than enough hair for everyone who ties flies LOL.......Lots & Lots of white flies,,,,,Thanx Max
  17. I think those are FABULOUS & will definately bring 10-14" Perch to hand
  18. This is "Sir Maximus Desimus Meridius" or "Max" & you can't not keep him away from the water Come on I dare ya, try to get it In Colorado
  19. Love all those pictures, Absolutely stunning
  20. Roofish


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