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  1. Hello everyone, been a long time since I been on here. 6 years I think. I'm getting back into flytying I hope and I want to share my thoughts and learn new tricks. I got that Jay fishy fullum book of flytying so I'll be sharing lots of flies tied from odds and ends from craft stores etc. No species in particular. Just the love of fly angling. Good day eh.
  2. Hello. A few days back I was casting a Rapala in lake pend orielle when I landed a huge walleye pike maybe 16-18 inches long. I horsed him up on shore because I wanted to release him as fast as I could. Well he started bucking around and I got that stinking Rapala stuck in my pinky! This story has a nice ending because the Walleyed pike was released unscathed back into the beautiful blue green waters of lake pend orielle! Thank You!
  3. Hey cool Flies/Jigs! I bet those are easy to cast. Have you ever tried a near deer? It's basically a wooley bugger tied on a jig. Gotta love that jigging action. Are you worried the pin will pull out of the flie? How do you lash it down?
  4. Good job. I plan on trying out some of those bead head nymphs with hot spots in local creeks to see how they work next year. I tied some rainbow warriors and serendipities the other day. I am not an expert tyer, but I say you have a good grip on fly tying. There is a parrot in your barber shop? Neat!
  5. The small streams I frequent only allow me to fish a downstream presentation. There are so many logs and overhanging trees bushes. I guess I kind of let my wet drift downstream. When it gets to the end of its line or travel I let it dance around in the current. I usually feed out just enough line to reach a trout lay, Pool, Under log jam, Etc. I cant get enoug of the olive colored wet flies. Like a olive dubbed soft hackle w/ regular partridge hackle. Of course a hare's mask as the collar or abdomen of this special little fly. Another is the "emerger" style of flies. In olive. With Dun CDC Wingbuds. Hans Weilen man is very creative with all these wet flies and is worth a look.
  6. Yep ants sure are great. Don't rule out deer hair ants either. They are created by folding bunches of deer hair into the shape of an ant. I saw a great video on here one day demonstrating this. My personal favorte is a fur ant. Dubbig and neck hackle. Simple but effective. Oh Yeah also the fur ant rarely ever floats, but trout don't seem to mind. Makes me wonder if there is a wet fly that sorta kinda looks like an ant. Maybe a picket pin?
  7. I have never kept an inventory. I dunno on the going to a fly shop and leaving with things I didn't need. I guess it's important to make a list before you go to any store. I used to keep a fly tying journal. I could test flies out in a coffe mug full of water to check if they worked,(floated). also kept weather, stream conditions, what worked what didn't. I think that kept me pretty busy or was what was important....rrrrr?
  8. This whole thread cracks me Up! Wooley buggers, and muddler minnows are my go to patterns for trout and bass! But a fly I have no faith in would be a scarlet Ibis! Has any one ever caught any thing on a scarlet Ibis?
  9. Yep I read a big article in the paper about the St. Joe river this summer. The article was mistaken. It said in the newspaper article you could catch your dinner! The next sunday the paper clarified that it was all catch and release!
  10. I tried google images. It appears as though most Popping bugs are green white or yellow.
  11. Ok, I'm fishing a shoreline that parrelels a submerged break water formed of boulders. I fish the shoreline in the early morning hours for small mouth bass. The bottom is sandy and the water is cold and clear. It always seems a little choppy first thing in the morning. I can barely stay in the water over an hour before I become exhausted and my teeth are chattering! I think what keeps me in the water is the thought of releasing a west slope cutthroat by accident while bass fishing. I like to cast over the break water and retrieve my fly over the boulders. Next I walk down the shore 5 yards and cast again. The water around the break water is only 5 or 6 feet deep.
  12. Thanks, I just tried something funny! I tied a dave's hopper and in place of a spun deer head I put a piece of yellow #2 pencil! It looks cool but I'm afraid it will shatter on the first rock it hits while casting on a trout stream.
  13. Hello, This morning I lost a pencil popper in a tree. The popper was glittery. I was only fishing a few moments and I'm not sure how effective it may have been if it were not for that tree. I would like to create some more. I am unsure what a good color would be for a popper used on bass and panfish. I was thinking probably white with a red lip like a hula popper. Remember these are made out of pencils so they are small. I guess if I really wanted to figure out what worked best I would experiment with different colors, but I would like to shorten the learning curve a little. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks.
  14. Oh Beg your pardon, I have never caught a brown trout in my life.
  15. I've caught little 8 inch brookies on muddler minnows size 8 or 6 hook. But it sounds to me like you should try a small wet fly like a soft hackle or a leadwing coach man works for most small stream trout. Like about a size 12. Also try a killer bug. Like a frank sawyer killer bug? Ive had some great days of fishing with one of those!
  16. You Meen to tell me there were trout in that little itty bitty stream?!
  17. This morning early on at first light I released a large mouth bass, a yellow perch, and lost a pumkinseed all on a olive crystal bugger. I didn't even bother casting any other flies because I was doing so well with a sparkley bugger. I also have some other flies tied for bass this summer. Muddler minnows,(conehead and original). Clouser minnows. Dave's hoppers. Black nosed dace. Conehead crystal buggers. Crawdad patterns work well. Or a dark clouser fished along the bottom works well as a crawdad.
  18. Another problem with a long tail is getting fish strikes short of the hook. A fish will get a mouth full of feather and no hook!
  19. I remember fishing in the clark's fork river. I hooked and released lots of little pea mouth chub on dry flies. There are huge schools of chub and northern pike minnows. I hooked a little guy and was bringing it in when I started getting big jerks on my line. I was excited and told a friend a big fish was trying to eat my eight inch chub. I unhooked the chub and released him/ her. It swam out maybe 2 feet from shore when the huge fish swallowed him up. It happened so fast I said wow a big brown trout! Or maybe it was a bull trout? But really looking back it was probably a big smallmouth. That was almost ten years ago. I have been fly fishing for almost 20 years! I got to go back there with some streamers some summer and try for bass.
  20. I started with the wapsi kit in question. I find my self going back to those same flies all the time. When ever I put my fly box together for an outing I always include the kit flies. You might belive the kit ties crappy flies because of the tools, materials, etc. etc. But really beginners are too hard on themselves. The flies are just fine and fish love them!
  21. Yeah I would think that a brookie would be every bodies favorite game fish as far as fly fishing is concerned!
  22. So Recently in my fly tying journal I was writing about CDC and elk. I did not have any CDC feathers or I did but they were Oiler Puffs. Anyway I wanted to tie up some Cdc and elk really bad because they seemed like such a good pattern. So I used grouse feathers and pheasant feathers because I had some. I used deer hair because Hans says in his video to use blacktail deer hair or something. The flies turned out pretty spiffy and I tied them exactly as I remembered hans tying them. Minus Cdc feathers. They floated a little. And I thought hey what the heck, I got lots of deer hair and lots of grouse and pheasant feathers. I should just tie them this way for now on. But I decided against it until I got some real live CDC feathers because I want to see how actual CDC feathers work. They probably float better. Bye
  23. Yeah I am kinda of like Byron. I keep a notebook, or by this time several spiral notebooks on my adventures and trial and error of fly patterns, recipes, Letters to grandma... Etc! I am never pleased with the entries and always tear them out. I am like that greek myth about the man who pushed a stone up a mountain to have it roll down over and over. I never learn my lesson and begin anew all the time. As a matter of fact I just had another shot of inspiration from this thread, and will start all over again.... Maybe I will share my journal entries on this website and my questions will be answered?
  24. I'm not from around there, but I would say some kind of chub.
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