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  1. It would be your browser or settings. Download say Firefox and try that just for this website. Yes, XP hardware like printers will not be supported with new operating system There is errrm 'Start menu 8' also to look at
  2. I bound right through slid, the beads back and yes unfortunately had to place a few wraps isolated between the two. I can't lay claim to the mother of invention. I met a gentlemen in the North of England catching fish on one. He looked at me, mentioning he was trying them out as he hooked a few fish.
  3. Thanks Bryan Without magnify glass/lamp that aint going to happen as I cant see the discrepancies
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by saltatrix: Bead worm
  5. Go easy ladies, Im feelin hormonal
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by saltatrix: CDC Emerger
  7. Nice and whispi, good transparency. Shweeeet
  8. saltatrix: I use small hackle pliers only for tiny feathers like the marginal coverts of gamebirds (which can be less than 1/2" long.) I never used to use magnification when tying small flies. But my near vision has started to deteriorate and I so I use reading glasses for detail work. I think I used to tye more by "feel" than by sight. Thankyou 16s are eye burners and the small hackle Im all thumbs
  9. Do people use a smaller hackle plier for small hackles? Do people use a magnify glass? I cant even see the shoddyness till a photo is taken.
  10. Mostly smaller saltwater stuff, #4 charlies. RIO UV Knot sense. Put it on, set it with a UV light once the stuff looks right.
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