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  1. Thanks Wetsock for the comment. Hugs!!!!
  2. Thanks Mike. I glad you like. Hugs!!!!
  3. Thanks for the comment. A big hug!!!!
  4. Hi all. I send a photo of two adult stonefly. Two styles, realistic and for fishing. I hope you like it.
  5. Excellent job. Congrats!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!
  6. Thanks. It takes little. The painting is slower.
  7. Thanks add 147. I glad you like!!!!
  8. Thanks Mike for the comment as always. A big hug!!!!
  9. Hi. I share images to the one hopper. Hope you like !!!!
  10. At any time I will Roland. Thanks and a hug !!!!
  11. Thanks. I glad you like. Hugs!!!!
  12. Thanks for the comment. Hugs!!!!
  13. Thanks my friend. Greetings!!!!
  14. Thanks sgflyfish ha ha!!!! Hugs!!!!
  15. Thank you. Use many things, soon I will make a list of materials. A hug !!!!
  16. Thanks add147 ha ha!!!! A big hug!!!!
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