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  1. Send a photo of the baby octopus. Hope they like. Hugs!!!!
  2. Thanks agn54. I glad yoy like. Hugs!!!!
  3. Thanks for the comment Wajdibill!!!!
  4. Thanks JC for the comment. Hugs!!!!
  5. Thanks Netabrookie. Hugs!!!!
  6. Thanks for the comment Steffan!!!!
  7. Thanks wschmitt3. Yes, I use for fishing. Hugs!!!!
  8. Hi!!!! I send a images of a mouse. Hope they like!!!!
  9. Thanks #1 Troutfisherman!!!!
  10. Thanks sgflyfish!!!! A hug!!!!
  11. Ha ha!!!! Thanks my friend. Hugs!!!!
  12. Hi. This is a realistic shrimp, hope you like!!!!
  13. Thanks Trout for the comment!!!!
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