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  1. Highly recommend the minnow belly color with chartreuse needlefish back. Killer down here in Florida!!
  2. That looks like fun!!! I always spook them when I cast at them
  3. Flytire, where did you find those spermy wormy bodies??
  4. Definitely better than my first efforts!
  5. Working at Bitter's Bait and Tackle in Longwood, we see this almost every day. Things stolen while at the convenience store getting coffee or ice, out of their vehicles, garages, shed, boat, etc. one time a guy lost 14 complete baitcasting setups stolen out of the garage while his wife was mowing the grass in the back. Another time an employee of Bitter's had some rods stolen out of his truck. A few weeks later the thief tried to bring them in to he shop and sell them. When the employee showed the thief where his name was written under the resin, the thief took off. My condolences, Mike. I have had several tackle boxes stolen and it just steams me right up.
  6. I love my Regal Revolution. I tie flies and jigs for largemouth, smallmouth, crappie jigs, and panfish. Smallest hook I have used is a #16. Largest hook is a 6/0.
  7. Great tip on the legs in the ccg. Thanks for sharing. Nice fly!!
  8. That looks like a great fly for a popper dropper rig.
  9. Any update on original Matarelli whip finishers being made again??
  10. I have had lots of success here in central Florida with Kirk Dietrich's fly pattern called the Squirrelly. Catches gar very well when you are sight fishing them. Also catches bass and bream well too.
  11. I have made a bunch of zudbubblers from the mats mentioned above using an electric knife to cut it
  12. That is a great mouse pattern. Can't wait to try to follow the SBS. Where do you get the ultra suede??
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