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  1. Hey , "youngn" I need an addy. Gonna mail them Monday.
  2. A cheap pair of sneakers is all you need and I have been wading the flats of Fl. for over 40 years.- Phil
  3. Putting mine in the mail in the morning- They are a "ruby red " colored Fat Headed Mantom (similar to a sculpin) made out of a piece of chamois, 2 hen neck hackles, bead chain and a little touch of war paint all tied on a #8 - 2x hook.
  4. I had to order some feathers for this pattern and they arrivied a few days ago, so it will NOT be a red salmon egg pattern.
  5. I'm in if you will settle for one of my walking crayfish patterns but y'all have to decide what color you want (tan, burn't orange, olive, dark brown?)
  6. I live 30 minutes north of there and fish the Vero down to Ft Pierce area of the Indian River quite often. The grass flats on this part of the river yield some of the largest seatrout (6 to 9 lbs.plus) along with reds and snook, in the spring time of the year. I have also tied speciallty flies for the Back Country Fly Shop in the passed.
  7. Another fly that is good in March is a small pinfish pattern about 2 inches long, also you won,t go wrong if you call The Back Country Fly Shop in Vero 772-567-6665 - the owner is a very good guide and the shop has been in business for over 20 years.
  8. Looking very good for your first flies
  9. Your off to a good start- I especially like the olive color for the spring time of the year; they should work when the pigfish and the shrimp hatch out in and around the grass beds and coquina rocks in the indian River Lagoon.
  10. You can count on me. How about a floating version of my cruise shrimp- the kind seatrout and snook chase to the surface and then inhale it with a vengeance.
  11. Blane- Need an address to send to. I have been on meds due to my accident at the end of Dec. which shatterered my nose and affected my eye sight. The healing process has been slow. The smallest I could tie was a #16 and they are just about done. plan to mail on wed., if I get the address - Thanx, Phil
  12. Glad to hear you had a good time !
  13. I am going to be slowed down for at least 3 or 4 months. When I have healed up , I have to get some dentures- lost all of my front teeth and also have to get new glasses due to some damage in my eyes. Right now I cannot drive due to the meds and i certainly cannot go out on a boat at this time. I have managed to tie a few flies to past some time away and hopefully I will be able to post something new soon. Right now I cannot use a fly rod due to the pain in the ribs but in time they should heal.In the mean time y'all Keep posting and having a good time-Phil
  14. First off I am recovering from a bad work related accident that happenned a few days before New years . A ladder broke and I fell 12ft. and hit face first into a ceramic tile floor that completely shatter my nose and busted my upper jaw and i also cracked four of my ribs: this is why I have not been posting anything. But on the subject of Flexi-cord or Flexi-cord Light, I use a bunch of it. My Passion Streamer posting is an example of the product's use. I find it works best if is pulled over a foam ,wool or chamios type body and then laquered or expoxied directly to it, other wise it wil unravel very quickly like any other braid such as mylar, especially if a toothy fish hits it. Yes It is offered as a Wapsi product.
  15. Mine arrived today ; they all look great . Thankyou again Knightstalker for hosting and thanx again to everyone else.
  16. Bruce your creativety and tying is superb. I do have one question. Are parrot fish or wrasse type fish (which the fly resembles) that are found in the tropics, frequent the bass lakes of the northwest?
  17. For both I use about a 9ft leader of 4 1/2 ft 40#, 2 1/2 ft 30#, and 2 1/2 ft 20 # with a 20-30 # flouro tippet. For lighter flies and rods, I'll use the same set up but with 40#, 20#, 12#. I tie my leaders almost identical preferring the #12 if I am not fishing near too many mangroves, but I only use the flouro tippet when snook are readily available. Reds and specks are not usually leader shy, like the snook are.
  18. Take into consideration that Snook season is also closed at the time of your visit. Srickly catch and release; if you are fortunate to get one when the water is this cold. It cooled down quickly this year and as Capt. Mel stated they are extremely finicky.
  19. The Salty Feather Fly Shop, Capt. John Botko (904)645-8998
  20. Oooook, which would you call it? Pick one that you think fits it best.... -Forrest Lets call it a surface minnow if thats okay with you?
  21. Excellent my friend, simply excellent
  22. I will gladly join in by doing my "Hang In There" pattern, but your going to have to decide whether it is a surface or sub surface minnow pattern- Phil
  23. I have been married twice,have four daughters and two grand daughters. I like any other man cannot even begin to figure them out, so how is it conceivable for me or any of us to say who are the fly tying experts, when we can't even master everyday living. Yes this concept goes for women fly tiers too
  24. Me too, might be a muddler as I will be knocking up those for my own use anyway but I did take some perverse pleasure using balsa and Dremel tool for this years ones. Your both lucky: I have not tied on or even seen a size 18 hook in over 40 years. I may have to get some tryphocals for my byphocals so I can see the hook.
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