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  1. I cannot top Mike's answer!, but the turned up and turned down eye concept orignated long before anyone on this forum exsisted. Years before our time flies were snelled tied on to a leader or were pre-snelled with "gut". So they turned the eyes up or down so the fly would run directly straight with the leader. The Turle Knot which was later discovered uses the same principle and this practice of designing fly hooks has never change.
  2. That is a real nice tie. Looks like It can be a very universal tie for many species. I'm am going to tie some large versions for saltwater use-Phil
  3. Good looking fly Kirk. Great potential on overcast days and Early evening in my neck of the woods
  4. Hey; You can put me on your list - I use to tie traditional flies as well as my chamois creations
  5. Opened this box I got in the mail this morning. All of a sudden I started getting light headed and forgetful. So I rushed to the doctor's office and gave him the package and he took it back and examained it's contents. He came out and told me the problem was that I had a severe case of the "fishing Pox"-the worst strain-"FFF" I said what's that Doc . He replied "Fly Fishing Flu"and he said the only remedy was to take this extraordinary case of flies ( they look great)and immediately go fly fishing but he also told me to give a big thanx to all those involved with spreading around this "flu" of cheer this time of the year. -To Dave our host and everyone else Thank You and y'all have a Merry Xmas and a fantastic Fly Fishing New Year-Phil
  6. I called a biologist friend who works for the Indian R. Lagoon System and is also an avid fly fisherman. He informed me that jettybugs are a food source to many fish including juvenile snook, mangroves and even small tarpon as well as redfish, sheepshead, croakers and other "rough" species. They find alot of them in stomach samples. He thought you would do better if you made a 1-1 1/4 inch long woolie bugger with a short stubby tail, clip of the hackle on the back side and then laquer the chenille to act as a shell back. Fish in areas where there is a decent current or where there are waves breaking onto structure (rocks,mangroves, jettys, etc.) Retrieve with 12 inch "slow" stop and go pulls near the structure. I hope this helps-Phil
  7. Over the years, in East Central Florida ,I have cleaned a few sheepshead and redfish with jetty bugs in their stomachs. These "bugs" look like a large sow bug and are black to very dark brown in color and commonly an inch long. They are found commonly around saltwater shoreline vegetation (mangroves) and rock formations as well as docks and seawalls. Though I see them all year long, I have never heard of any body tying one up or fishing with them (they will bite or sting you in a hurry if you pick one up) They run very fast and and can swim under water if washed into the drink. This is probally when the sheepshead and redfish fed on them.
  8. Well I guess that container had just too many miles on it: As long as the flies survived, that is all that matters- at least they got there.
  9. Have to agree with you, a 1000 toothpicks is $1.00 at the local dollar store. I just can't see using a bodkin if you tie a lot of flies with large heads.
  10. Sorry about that -My pictures would not upload ????
  11. Prewired 7 inch baitfish fly. Used for toothy fish ( musky ,pike, barracuda,kings etc.)
  12. P.G. Beckett


    I think all the jigs look terrific and tie a lot of them also. I also tie my cruse shrimp pattern and a few other flys weighted like a jig for one of my daughters and a few of my buddies who do not fly fish. I do have a ? for CapT. Bob. Where are the sidewinder jigs for spanish mackeral? When I lived down there I tied them by the thousands. Do they still use them?
  13. Mine are ready need an address -Thanx
  14. That point is well understood here on the Space Coast of Florida. A lot of us shrimp loving soles would rather spend a winter or early spring night dippiing "JUMBO SHRIMP" (6-8") of our local bridges or out of our fishing boats than sit at a vise, tying flies. All of our local Walmarts and fishing tackle dealers ,that includes my local fly shop, sells the reqired gear for this activity. Just like fly fishing - "Shrimp Dipping" is a hooked for life endeavour
  15. I think they look good but, the fish are only absolute judges of your flies- SO FISH WITH THEM!
  16. I go seatrout fishing at least once a week and I prefer my 7 wt in the spring thru the summer when the natural baits are on the small side( 2-3 inch finger mullet, 2-3 inch pigfish & pinfish, shrimp & pilchards less than 3 inches, ). From the end of October thru March I use a 9 wt because the natural baits I try to mimic are much larger (shrimp up to 8 inches, greeneys, pilchards, ballyhoo, mullets all 5-8inches long) It is common for a 12 inch speck to nail a mullet that is 6 inches long.
  17. I have tied many purple and black " Purple Demon Woolie Bugger Deceiver Shrimp" for a few of my customers for the past 20 years. Like You, they all use them at night or on very overcast days with great results. I do not have a photo but here is the recipe- Hook- 34007 or eqv. #2- #3/0 Eyes-Medium to large black bead chain Tail- 4 or 6 Grizzly dyed purple hackles Body- Purple chenille tied fat, palmered with a long fibered grizzly dyed purple hackle Wing- Black bucktail that extends back over about 1/3 of the hackle tail: Note- This needs to be tied for and aft on the shank so it caps over top of the woolie bugger body.
  18. Speaking of pompano we have them in the Indian River all year long. A rare few of us, find them with a method called "skipping". This is where we go out in a boat a hour or two before sunup and run near the shorelines while shining a Q Beamlight which causes the pompano to go skipping across the water. When we have found them, we take note of the area and return to fish for them when it starts getting light. This forgotten method of finding them was perfected many years ago by commercial net fishermen.
  19. Nice photos. Never ceases to amaze me - Get bundled up for the cold- catch a fish- it warms the soul along with the rest of the body
  20. That ain't no Merkin! It's a Bozo Toupee Crab
  21. Going to try to mail mine this coming Saturday-Phil
  22. Dave; you ought to know natural chamois is sheepskin. So fry them up -taste like lamb, chews like mutton
  23. Y'all sure did do an outstanding job of what you tied and looking forward to using them, but not right away -remember I promised Saltybum that he will get a shot of using them to and He did say that he is going in for that operation on his knee early in Dec.
  24. In most cases' I try to stick with my local fly shop which gives me a decent discount on most of my supplies and any other fly fishing needs, plus I like to pick my own material to eliminate waste. I also buy most of my natural chamois (which I use in a lot of my own patterns) at Walmart for the same reason - large selection an I get what I want: Afterall there is not a fly shop or wholesaler that knows how to pick or grade chamois for fly tying. Note: I personally do not like to tie other people's published patterns unless I have their permission or they have passed on.
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