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  1. Looked at your profile and noticed your in the Sarasota area. Go to one your local baitshops that sells those black blood worms (a native species to that part of Florida) and "check" them out. I have caught and seen others catch pompano,redfish and some large sheepshead on these fat blackish brown worms in and around Sarasota and Tampa Bay. Easy way to tie one up is very simple; a fat black or very dark brown woolie booger, minus the hackle, with a solid black dumbel tied as you would a Clouser (so the hook rides up). I also have recently posted a mole crab pattern which is a "sandflea". If you have any ???'s about it. Just E-mail-Phil
  2. A real nice looking bentback
  3. Got to second this. Their grading system is one of the best: Used their hair for many a commercial tie since "76". Also those of you who tie jigs, will find their hair lays down very well.- Phil
  4. Hmm: Sent of the flies a week ago. Can not understand why you have not recieved them; after all you live within the same state (Florida). When I sent flies for the "Snook Swap", they received them in less than 48 Hours and that was in Illinois. Is the mail sevice that bad?
  5. Relax, don't put pressure on yourself and keep this in mind; We only get one each of what you tie, besides, the "ugliest of the flies" most often catchest the most fish.
  6. Like you, seeing is believing when it comes to catching black drum on a fly. I have caught many drum on the bottom using live or fresh dead cut shrimp, crabs and clams. They will not bite on a empty clam shell, crab or shrimp shell with no meat left inside. Even when freelining a live shrimp or crab, they will not chase them or try to eat them unless they are right under their nose. My conclusion is that this particular individual is throwing out a crab pattern (with the hook riding up) to a large group of drum and is "snagging" them in the lips when they swimm over his fly or is using some kind of scent application on his flies. Note: Be careful going to that other site- It has a virus or a security problem- Phil
  7. Hmm; I wondered what you freshwater trout guys did with those biots, I did something similar with condor quills over forty years ago. I guess i'm behind the times. But never to old to learn.
  8. Put mine in the mail today. Hope Your not fishing for Ocean Sunfish: These flies ain't jellyfish there favorite food!
  9. I make a very similar crab out of natural chamois . The easiest way that I found to make a "swinging" fiddler crab claw is to first fashion the claw and arm with a single layer of natural chamois, then at the claw end, only, add another layer of chamois to both sides, using GOOP, to give it that typical "club" look. Be sure to to put a coat of flixament or lacquer on the finished claw part only; not on the actual arm. When the chamois arm becomes wet, it will be very flexible and with even the slightest movement of a fly line it will cause the claw to move in an almost life like manner. I hope this can be a help to you- Phil
  10. P.G. Beckett


    Smoked Sailfish and a few beers are an old time favorite that was enjoyed in many south Florida tackle shops. Damm those days are long gone!
  11. Forty plus years ago I trolled for landlock or Sebago salmon up in New Hampshire and Maine. It was common practice to use a level floating line, with about 12 ft of monofilament leader scaled down to about 6 lb. test, as soon as the ice broke up. After that we spooled our fly reels with wire line which put the fly down to depths of 30 to 50 feet to reach the fish. We use either tamdem hooked trolling flies (Grey Ghost, Supervisiors, Nine-Threes, etc) or light weight Mooselook Wabbler spoons. These were glass rods back in those days and the reels we used were generally Pfluger Medalists (1495 1/2 or larger). We would troll up to three rods or lines at a time and would very seldom ever get a tangled mess. A fly line will turn in a much wider arc than mono type lines so you will need to troll it as an outside rod verses one set between mono lines. I would recommend that you use a slow to moderate rod and stay away from a fast style rod if you are going to troll a lot. I hope this is a help to you-Phil
  12. Thats a great looking fly
  13. I know I haven't said much lately but the flies are just about finished; hope to get em (thats not good English or German) in the mail by Saturday.
  14. Tried a Tarpon Strecher back in the mid 70's, found it to be more hassle than what it was worth, but I will say some fortunate fly fisherman mayed a little payola from its creation.
  15. Okay ,Okay: What draw is the bat hair in, so I can tie up a Vampire Coachman?
  16. Welcome from a fellow Space Coaster (Melbourne)
  17. For many years I tied saltwater flies strickly on hooks designed for saltwater. For about the past five years I have been using bronze hooks on many of the saltwater flies that I use personaly, with great results. To keep the hooks from corroding at a rapid pace after fishing with them, I put them in a solution called Pump Saver. It is a product that we, Professional painters put in our airless paint sprayers to ward off corrosion after using latex paints. This product comes consentrated and is very easy to use; just mix a few drops with fresh water in a plastic container. It is almost colorless and it will not stain or distort the color of fly tying materials. You can leave a bronze hook in it for a years and it will not corrode! Mix up a small bottle of this liquid and keep with you or on your boat and be sure to drop you fly in it shortly after use. To purchase this product; you will have to go to a major paint store that sells airless paint equipment (Sherwin Williams,Dulux for example) or get friendly with a painting contractor that uses the product; all it takes is a few drops in one container and it can be used over and over. It also makes a terrific rinse for any saltwater reel- Phil
  18. Whether it is the hair on my fishing flies or the hair on my paint brushes, I depend a lot on you AIR FORCE BOYZ for my living and the enjoyment of life. Thanx to all of you for your great service!
  19. Hey Chip: If you ever go off shore in the tropics, be sure to take that fly with you, red and black is probably the best all round color combination for wahoo. If you hook one; it will leave your other monsters in the dust!
  20. A real good looking nymph. I take a trip every winter to fish with a friend of mine in the Tampa Bay area (salt water) We fly fish for Atlantic Spadefish with fresh water nymph patterns and this tie looks like it will do the job nicely. By the way I think we are the only two fools that catch Spadefish this way.
  21. I will gladly contribute: The fly will be a size 12 - a cross between a Wulff hair wing type fly and an Irreistable; one I developed back in 1970 to catch brook trout in the Northeast and Canada.
  22. The wind is still 25-30 down here in the Indian River lagoon System. 6 days of no fly fishing. With 2 nights dropping to the mid 40's; the shallow water snook fishing is going to slow down about a month 1/2 early.
  23. The sheepshead will be there and so will Sandy (yikes your tougher than me)
  24. Thanx for your comments: But about the trial and error- it was strickly an accidental find. It started out as a bucktail and I thru it in the trashcan (it was hideous); about two hours later, I reach in, pulled it out, cut of the bucktail and salvaged the completed body still attached to the hook. From there, I looked thru my materials and came across this BOZO Hair, in a 1/2 dozen colors, which a friend had given me about two years prior. I said to myself: What the Heck! Try the synthectic hair (up to this point I pretty much despised the stuff) Tied it on, along with my chamois head and thru in in the test bowl of water and was pleasantly amazed. This all happenned about 4 months ago and since then through much further testing, I have found these are the only materials that work for this particular tie. To date, using different colors as well as this one (the orginal) I have caught caught largemouths, pickeral, bowfin in fresh water and seatrout, redfish, ladyfish, snook, jack crevalle, in saltwater. I did find thru my testing that it will wable from side to side with a very light twitch to the fly line which seems to draw strikes from non cruising largemouths and snook. In the meantime (be patient) I'll try to put together a tutorial step by step and a vidieo together;along with everything else I am doing
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