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  1. Hey Salty: Just checked out your profile and found out your about 25 minutes away. When this swap is completed I will get in touch with you to try out some of the flies, with me, if you'd appreciate that. I also still have all of the flies from the Snook Swap. After all that is what swaps is all about- sharing patterns
  2. Cobia! in the summertime when they are cruising the edges of flats in Tampa and Sarasota Bays. That is when I bring out the big chartreuse flys. When your wade fishing it is even more challenging.
  3. So much for using the swap flies this week- Here comes Hurricane Sandy; gail force or better for the rest of the week- a real bummer
  4. Very familiar with your bunch of critters. The blowfish and porcupine (burrfish) will readily hit small gold colored flies; sheepshead will take a very life like looking crab fly and sometimes can be found over oyster beds or coquina rock ledges and they are ahandful when you get a hook up. By the way our southern puffers are illegal to keep out of the Indian River system because their flesh has been proven deadly (poison) to some people. Iuse to eat them quite often.
  5. You name it; I'll do my best to tie it: I'm committed-Phil
  6. Think of it this way- Some mistakes in tying flies can really pay off in catching fish; meanwhile typos only catch attention of people like me who have the same problem. (I should know; I'm putting my book together and I have a friend who has to proof read it continually)
  7. Like the pics.of the reds and flies. I am envious of the amount of lagoon grass you have "just" 30 minutes north of me. Down here in the Melboune area, about the only grass to be found is lawn grass clippings so about the only way to find reds are on old oysterbeds or near piles of coquina rocks. Hopefully Brevard Co. will figuer out a solution to our loss of sea grass soon. I surely miss it and the large amount of fish it produces-Phil
  8. Hope it stays warm for you or we will all be fishing for door mats (BIG FLOUNDER)
  9. Been out of town for four days (one of my long time fishing buddies past away) but before I left, I had made 3 trips using the flies we swapped: So far, I have caught 2 small snook about 18 inches long, 6 sea trout,all less than 16 inches and a few ladyfish. These were all caught near a spillway close to home. Later ,this week, I am going to try to fish the Sebastian Inlet area where some much larger fish should be holding -Phil
  10. Be Patient; I have tied over 40 yrs. and I do not know how to use a whip finisher. Found out by teaching a few classes on my style of tying ,that people who whip off a fly by hand are more versatile to different patterns. All experience comes through practice.
  11. Back in the late 60's and early 70's I commericaly tyed with Thompson "B" vices, which had to be replaced about every two years because the jaw metal would schatter and end up in the nearest wall. For the past 15 yrs. I use 4 Regal type vises (knock offs) that have not given me a bit off trouble. All 4 get used continually.
  12. Hey you guys, I moved out of Canada back in "67". You both got me to thinkin, if there is any mail (still undelivered) that I should be waiting for?
  13. Love the colors and the tie- If your pike don't want them ; send them my way. They would work just fine offshore for dolphin (mahi-mahi)
  14. Big pickeral are complete "suckers" for baby pickeral. They love to eat their own kind. This I learn by accident when I snag some small 4-6 inch ones many years ago when I lived in Mass.and used them for live bait. Even here in Fl. I have caught large pickeral with small ones stuck halfway down their throats. So try to tie a streamer that loos like a baby one; In the meantime I will tie up one of my versions and post it in the next day or two, so that you can copy it.
  15. Fishing open water or surface water with no obstacles- hook point down. Near the bottom or with weighted flies or heavy cover- hook point up. Personally I cant't stand weed guards!
  16. Hey Mike; The question is- Was you snacking on a Good piece of Southern Fried Chicken when you tied on that fly that caught the catfish? Happened to me once when I was with a guide friend while sight casting to cobia in Tampa Bay; a common hard head cat grabbed the fly instead of the cobia so we blaimed it on the chicken-Phil
  17. Even though I do not tie very many of the old traditional streamer patterns any more: I still very much appreciate them when they are well represented by the great care you have given them.
  18. Go to the Fly Fishermen located at 3230 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando Fl. Ph.407 898-1989. THey also have a store in Titusville that is just a block from the Indian River Lagoon. Both of these are full service fly shops. You will find that most baitfish, mullet and shrimp patterns will work in the Indian and Banana River. This has been the proving grounds for most of my patterns for the last 38 yrs. -Phil
  19. OH WEll: I Guess "SANDY CLAWS" will have to wait till next year (post 28)
  20. They just arrived today. Do not have to work in the morning so most of them will get wet at one of my favorite snook haunts. Every fly looks great and I appreciate all the work each and everyone of you put into this swap. Thanx Phil.
  21. If someone host this kind of swap: I'm IN. Have about 200 crabs all tied up and ready to be fished!
  22. Those AMERICAN EELS are quite commmon down here in the Indian River Lagoon system in Fl. In the spring time of the year you will see alot of 6 to 12 inch eels pass under your lights while your busy dipping shrimp. Also have seen a few bigger ones caught at night, by bait fishermen using small pieces of shrimp and cut bait. They are all generally a mud brown to black color with a short creamy white belly; as this might be a help to anyone who wants to design his own.
  23. They are Eastern Screech Owls- the female of this pair is the brown on on the left. They eventually had four young but the Monking birds killed three of them.
  24. My backyard buddies sharing a palmetto bug (American CockRoach)
  25. Thanx for your comments: One of my daughters kidnapped him and she won't give him back. She is afraid i'll take him to Xmas Island and use him for a decorater crab impersonater.
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