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  1. i havent heard anything about when this is over or about anyone being finished or how to do it other than tying the flies :help:
  2. thanks, ronn also jens and dave, i think now i should go finish buying all the right stuff so i can work on it the right way, and in order so that i can learn the most. i will post some more when i think i have gotten better.
  3. Flytier11

    FTF User Bars

    mabye someone had a seisure :devil: .nah :j_k: ill get them sorted out tomarrow because im gettin yelled at to go to bed :ripped: , so please try to deal with it till tomarrow morning thanks about my cars, and ill do requests for anyone who wants 1 (or more). thank you everyone for youre understanding. EDIT: also if you put the bars two to a row and 2 collumns then there easier to understand and when you have more it looks like less.
  4. Flytier11

    FTF User Bars

    i can try but i dont know if i can get rid of some of my favs..... an you ppl on dial need to get dsl or better. dial up is :bs: oh yeah, i just made the billy talent one, daup wat u think? and do u like my pixel cars?
  5. Flytier11

    FTF User Bars

    ill answer for daup, thhe the first post of this topic. heres the code..... admin:[img=http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r8/roadtr1p/FTF_admin.jpg] Mod:[img=http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r8/roadtr1p/FTF_Mod.jpg] Member:[img]http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r8/roadtr1p/FTF_member.jpg[img] just copy the code for the bar you want into youre sig and away you go. hope i have helped you.
  6. Flytier11

    FTF User Bars

    i got on that other comp so here r those images i said id post (only doing my favs) (this origannaly had blak flames but after i made i thought blue would look good. (this is one i did for a tune off at my old forum) hope yall guys like i know images not really supposed to be here but i said id post em so here they are. EDIT: theese r not all just a small preview..... Another EDIT: i am not wierd bunnies r cool!
  7. Flytier11

    FTF User Bars

    ahh, but i didn't say i did make all of those now did i?
  8. Flytier11

    FTF User Bars

    i see you took all your big selection of userbars and flushed most of them DaUP. snik, eh i use photoshop 7.0 and i can send you a verson if you want. just send me a pm if you do and ill tell you how, ill also send a good tutorial that i have found and use to make all of mine. although i gt the ones in y sig from userbars.com. DaUP, if you want help making custom userbars and sigs i am very experienced at photoshop, ill post an image of a "pixel car", that i did on photoshop; tell me if you like it and if you want help with sigs. ohh good idea, mabye will would let us make a custom sig forum under the art area. Также если вы можете прочитать это после этого для того чтобы угодить, то ответьте что вы можете в таком же языке как раз шутка я имею идти.
  9. I'll join on behalf of me since im 13 . im startin tyin right now!
  10. счастливое сделанное im получающ полностью мою подпись. Вы все ванты любите мои выборы?
  11. got me somes, but my dad having fit so i r not finished yet.
  12. most of what i use is utc, but i have some danvilles, and i use uni floss. i fine the utc to have a good selection of color and and thickness, but when im stupid enough to hit the barb with it it does fray pretty well. utc for me guys.
  13. You NEVER do..... :hyst: nobody can ever have enough stuff, for people are bent on gathering physical possissons like a pack rat...... mmmmm, rat hair......... AHHH stop! see what i mean?
  14. yeah, there multipliying like... eh... humans..... anyway i tied a rainbow-thingy i made up last night here it is.....
  15. Simple patters like i would use in my local river? or simple like those i tied sorta? thanks
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