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  1. Whoa- I never thought to use it for my reloading! Fishing, shooting, babies' bottoms- will wonders never cease? Chuck
  2. I did a lot of testing at home during a few winters. I tried several synthetic dry fly dubbings, and a few natural furs, dubbed onto dry fly hooks. I tried both with and without floatants. There was no comparison. None of the synthetics floated hooks as long as natural furs. 'Nuf said for me. Chuck
  3. Looks like nothing in particular, but a lot in general. I used to be more concerned with the above question than I am now. Buggy fly, nice lines, catches trout. 'Nuf for me! Chuck
  4. Nice! The up-angle of the tail is, well, kind of sexy! Chuck
  5. Recipe! Recipe! Chuck
  6. A short poem: "Excellent flies But please resize!" Chuck
  7. Fortunately this Sect of the Muslim Brotherhood is not interested in taking control. There are several groups that would like to be a part of the governing council and have a say in the way things are done. Unfortunately the current Government is more of a Dictatorship. Let's hope that cooler heads prevail, and stability returns to the area. Hamas is a branch of the Brotherhood. Also, a high-ranked Brotherhood imam said last week that Allah should find and kill all the Jews. Maybe not so peaceful?? Chuck
  8. I'm wondering why you would have to limit yourself to only such tiny flies. Brookies tend to be less selective than browns and, since they're not true trout, the often have larger mouths than a like-size brown or rainbow. I've caught scads of brooks, including pretty mini-ones, with size 12 and 14 flies. Sometimes larger. Chuck
  9. Lovely, neatly done tie, Petter. I'll be fishing these in the spring. Chuck
  10. Sadly, I've only found Davie's work on youtube. I look forward to each new episode, though. Chuck
  11. When that dubbing gets wet, it darkens up to about the same color as the biot. Plus some people believe that flush floating flies are often taken as transitional flies, not fully formed duns. If so, the lighter thorax could represent a lightish dun squeezing out of a darker nymphal case. Nice fly, flyfishing99. Chuck
  12. Look like Swiss straw or Medallion sheeting. Nice. Chuck
  13. First question- how are you attaching the wing? If you tie it in with fibers straddling the hook, there will be a fair amount of bulk under the hook. Try this: double the yarn over the thread; pull the yarn/thread onto the top of the hook; lash the wing down with just a few more snug wraps; post the wing. Then you have zero bulk under the hook from tying in the wing, and can wrap thinly-dubbed thread there. Chuck
  14. And try this link, if you haven't already: http://www.gateslodge.com/hatchcharts.php Chuck
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