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  1. ok guy christmas eve i am heading up to a creek up here. just looking for ideas on flies to take
  2. Ok guys the gf and I are heading up to NY in march for steelhead fishing for a week. Any flies in particular I should tie for the trip. Only been tying since the begining of fall so still new but love it. I have been though the fly database but still on the search for useable flies. Any ideas would be great thanks
  3. Girlfriend and I went to a fly tying symposium last week in Somerset, NJ. Well while there we happen to come across The Nor-vise. Well we fell in love with the whole system they have for it. Anybody out there have it and if so what do you think about it? the only thing we dont like about it is the price. Take a look at it and tell me what you think. www.nor-vise.com
  4. i was just ask because the reel was given to me as a gift and seeing as how i don't have a boat for trolling figured i would ask. and i was not ignoring John I was at work
  5. come on guys please. somebody must have an opinion
  6. only posted it here cause this what post on a lot since this what i mostly fish for this time of year
  7. Ok just a great mooching reel, I know mooching reels are used for trolling but it is built just like a fly reel and has an awesome drag system. here is the link to it http://www.cabelas.com/product/Daiwa-M-One...=mooching+reels . Can this be used as a fly reel, you can turn the drag of and on with a switch and can palm it as well. Also backing does it have to dacron or can you use floroucarbon or braided line for it? I know probably not braid since it would cut into the fly line at the knot.
  8. just got a new rod with a lot of flex and i mean a lot of flex. it is labeled as a 6 weight just wondering if this would be ok for winter steelhead in new york?
  9. What about if you stripped the red insulation off of say 18 gauge thermostat wire so it still flutters in the water
  10. yeah i thread the pom poms on 6lb floroucarbon but i think i threaded to many on it. i wrapped the flouro around each egg to keep the line hidden
  11. Could you tie this flie with something like a red pipe cleaner for example?
  12. yeah Taylor like I said my first one of that style. So it was just really to see how it went. Going to change the hook size and may reduce the number of pom poms I use on the line. If I tie a few more may change stuff around. I will just keep as a just in case fly lol
  13. Tied this fly after seeing a couple different post on other sites and figured I would try something along the lines of it tell me what you think. I know all the colors don't match but hey you never know right. Could be just the fly to use on those tough days. eggs.bmp
  14. well with low vis i go with the bright color egg patterns and some blue egg patterns. dont know what it is with blue but they hit it
  15. yes they sell them in a bunch of different sizes
  16. Just looked online only the Salmon river and Oswego river have single hook limitations all othe tributaries it states and I quote "Multiple single, double, or treble hooks are permitted at all times"
  17. Single hook on rivers and fly fishing only areas. Creeks double is allowed
  18. It will be used for double digit winter steelhead in upstate ny
  19. ok a foam bug huh any other suggestions never tied a foam bug before limited on what i have for supplies. what about a mouse as an indicator dry fly
  20. Ok headed back up to Oswego County for steelhead in december. I know to use some sort of egg pattern as a wet fly but my question is what would be a good dry fly to use as an indicator, besides actually using an indicator. Also how would you tie two flies on the line like that?
  21. Was looking at some different ways of tying a nuke egg and ended up going to a craft store and found these things called PomPoms. Well i picked up a few packs of them they come in many different sizes and colors heck they even come with flash tied into them (Crystal Meth Egg pattern). So I slide one of those on a hook and started thinking of white stringy material that could finish a nuke egg. Came up with the idea of pulling apart a cotton ball of all things and tied it in. It doesn't exactly look like a nuke egg but very similar. It may be just the thing at times you know a slight change sometimes is all it takes. will have pics of all coming soon.
  22. yeap so the gf and i are going out to do some fishing tomm
  23. on light duty not allowed to lift anything heavier then 15lbs. luckily a spool is not heavier then 15lbs
  24. Ok all I will be home a few days from work since i ripped a muscle in my arm. So I have been on a fly tying frenzy for come Dec. steelhead on Lake Ontario. I have been tying some Estez Eggs, Scrambled Eggs with a few Clouser Minnows thrown in the mix. Oh and some Nuke Eggs and Frammus also. Another other suggestions would be great. Thanks all
  25. love it. do you by chance have some sort of tying instructions for it or something similar? new to the fly tying bit and would love to try this
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