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  1. Here's a few.... A no name with yellow wool Copper Reech Green and Gold Speal Orange Speen I still need more practice but I'm pretty confident they will fish well enough. Cheers and please point out anything I should or shouldn't be doing when tying these style flies.
  2. Looks bloody good to me, maybe just keep the white underside a little shorter but as long as the fish don't care! Nice though makes me want to tie some clousers!
  3. Mine is a nick name I aquired while living in San Diego, its based off a character in a Sublime video.
  4. Some Bunnies tied up in emerald shiner colors and one odd ball but black and orange seems to do me justice in winter. I'm not a big fan of adding weight so all but one of these is tied with the deep sea aluminium eyes.
  5. None the wool head has bead chain eyes but thats it. I'll swing them off a sink tip and short tippet.
  6. Yep its copper polar chenille
  7. Taking a few days to swing up some resident browns so I spun these up. They'll pull double duty for Browns, Steelhead and some smallmouth when they wake up. Wool Head Sculpin Deer Hair Sculpin Copper Belly Goby Pearl Belly Goby
  8. My box always starts out neat but by the end of the day its a mess
  9. This is what I had for breakfast...
  10. Pretty cool fly. I'm starting to look more at shimp patterns lately, how will this ride in the water?
  11. Tied on 1.5" HMH copper tubes Dirty Shiner Exaggerated Greenbutt
  12. This is another shank fly for the tannin stained waters of the OH Tribs and I threw in a low cold water pattern cause thats right around the corner.
  13. I saw a pattern of a greenbutt tied intruder style then I saw some temple dog style ties and the ideas combined in my head.
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