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  1. Hi Everyone, Here is my Freestyle classic salmon fly that I called 'Sleek stealth' Tied on a 3/0 hook. I am very happy with the way this one came out. Would appreciate feedback - good or bad... Many Thanks and Best Regards, ~David
  2. Hi everyone! Thought I'd post a link to my new fishing video, .Was filmed at Arran View by Myself and my two mates. Hope you like it, please leave feedback! Best Regards, ~David Strawhorn
  3. Thanks for that SandFly! Best regards, ~David
  4. Hi Everyone, While out fishing the other day I collected this fly. At first I suspected it was a Sherry Spinner however I have a niggling doubt a he back of my mind. These are the only pics I got before he/she took off and were taken with my phone. Would any of you champs on here be able to I.D it for me? Many Thanks! Best Regards, ~David Strawhorn
  5. Hi Everyone, is my latest video, a Golden Pheasant Wet Fly. This fly is my own pattern and has been very effective over the as few weeks. Hope you all like it! Best Regards, ~David Strawhorn
  6. Hi Everyone, Here's Hope you like the fly, it's my own pattern and has been very effective the past week or two! Best Regards, ~David Strawhorn
  7. Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for all the Replies! Some really Great ideas! So what I thought was a hand written note to the man himself, a few flies and a £20 gift card for the Glasgow Angling Center. Again, Thank you very much! Best Regards, ~David
  8. Hi Everyone, A certain fly tyer and fly fisher has helped me so much through out the past year and a half to start both fly fishing and fly tying. He is a very bg name in the sport and one of the best fly tyers around! When I started he gave me a box full of flies all for free. Well now I wish to return the favour and to really say thank you. Trouble is, I'm not sure what to buy him. Do any of you out there have any ideas for gifts? Any help is welcome! Many Many Thanks, Best Regards, ~David
  9. Hi Guys, Many Thanks for the Replys! Tried what both of you said and got it aligned, Thank You! Best Regards, ~David
  10. Hi, I bought a rotary vice off eBay which has an ajustable arm. However I am having trouble as the fly does not rotate around the center axis, it creates a huge circle. Is there anyway i can find this center point easily as i have spent ages trying to work it out... Many Thanks, Best Regards, ~David Strawhorn EDIT: title should say: Is there an easy way to align my vice so that it rotates along the Axis
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by TotallyFlyTying: Butcher (Wet Fly)
  12. Hi, I dont tie much Spey pattern or use Spey hackles so I dont know too much about them. I was wondering what the difference between Burnt and ordinary Spey and Schlappen Hackles? Many Thanks, Best Regards ~David
  13. Hi, I am planning on doing a tying video either tomorrow or this weekend. Should have it filmed by tomorrow and ready for the weekend. Many Thanks for the kind Words Hi Bid Daddy, Many Thanks for the kind words!!! I Appreciate them all! Best Regards, ~David
  14. Thanks Guys for the kind words!!! Best Regards, ~David
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by TotallyFlyTying: Black Stonefly (Semi-Realistic)
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