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  1. Tied one a little bit differently today.
  2. Not elegant like yours, but my version of a spent caddis. Although, I very rarely see spent caddis on the water surface. From underneath the fly:
  3. Hi, I was looking at all the followers of the "Purple Haze" type flies and how they raved about their effectiveness. I like Sparkleduns, so tied one using purple colors. I was told it wasn't a true Purple Haze. I will grant that, but I think if you believe the color purple works great, there is no reason this Purple Sparkledun should not work too. Let me know what you think.
  4. I'm trying some new materials in my version:
  5. That is some really nice work! I have always wanted to design a vise. I am a viseaholic. I own about 15 different ones.,
  6. I think the jvice bobbin is the best Cal see it at jvice.com
  7. Thanks, and, again, a very nice tie! This one is weighted with lead-free wire to get her down on her egg laying journey
  8. Hans, Your very nice fly brings up a question I was addressing on a different site. If metamorphis is complete with the adult egg-laying caddis, why not stick with an adult stage with an egg sack and add a little lead-free wire to get the fly down in the water column? It would seem Mr/Mrs Trout is looking for the adult stage girl heading down? Thanks, Byron
  9. Gracious. Inadvertently struck a nerve I guess. I'm from the govt and I'm here to help. I'd be curious to see if the money is actually used for that. Besides, isn't that what hunting and fishing licenses are for? So if you're a manufacturer you get double dipped. Jax: The Federal Government is separate from your State Government. Not alll taxes and fees go to the Federal Government. Your state license fees go to your State Government for the activities they do at conservation/enforcement. The Excise Tax discussed goes to the Federal Government and is used for their conservation efforts............
  10. The proceeds of the excise tax on MANUFACTURERS of such sporting goods goes to fund fishery protection programs..............
  11. Interesting. What effect of not starting the thorax just behind the deer hair? Thanks from sea level on Kauai
  12. Thanks. I think he chose the color for attraction. The foam is just a thin strip which is figure eighted at the thorax. Then each side is doubled over and tied to the shank. Does that help? Byron
  13. Am sure that is why he added the foam. Good questions. The reason I didn't use a trailing shuck on mine is that I was trying to stay somewhat in Loop Wing style. Pretty good suggestion though. Thanks, Byron Checked his book again. The foam was also to represent the "halo" effect when the emergent dun first breaks the shuckal husk and he claims it releases a gas which appears as a white aura around the thorax....................
  14. Hi, I have been looking at LaFontaine's '93 book "TroutFlies - Proven Patterns". Anyway, he said this 'odd' looking fly was one of his well-proven patterns. Below it, I was thinking, if that pattern worked, why wouldn't this loop wing pattern work too (second fly) - it will sure float!!
  15. Which do you prefer tying on????
  16. Have you had trouble with the tension control for rotary? I sent mine back once and again, the tension screw doesn't tighten appropriately.
  17. Hi, Anyone else tie this version? I thought it would make a pretty good still water pattern for this Spring. Thanks for info and comments. Byron
  18. I grew up fishing the Catskills and have all the books from back in the era, none have anything about carrying scissors.. In fact if I did that while fishing with the likes of Flick, Harry Darbee, Lee Wulff,probaly would not be here now.. That was sacrilege to do among the Catskill group and still is today..You use a wet fly.. I agree with you. I seem to recall Vince Marinaro(sp?) being the one who "adjusted" his flies on the water??
  19. I wanted to tie some smaller versions. Only small "curved" hooks I have on hand are Orvis 1639 scud hook in size 18. Seriously, I think you can see this parapost material in the dark!!
  20. Great job Hans. I think I like it more than your original? I notice the C&F bobbin. I really wish you might give Jay Smitt's bobbin a try. Once you have used it a while, you can't go back. Byron
  21. Hi, I am intrigued by the pattern. I guess it really belongs to Gary Borger, but is featured on Jason Borger's blog. By "V clipping" the hackle underneath the fly, I think you get a nice low floating pattern with the "legs" of the fly out to the side. The splayed tail fibers help stabilize the fly as well. Anyway, thought I would share this one I just tied. Thanks, Byron
  22. Thank you for the very kind words. We are all trying to improve our tying. I learn from many other tiers and have all my life. anyway, I appreciate your very kind words. Thanks, Byron
  23. Went back and "bent" a 200R hook.................... Any better?
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