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  1. We're talking lead substitutes, aren't we? I always put the weight on the bare hook and then thoroughly overwrap with tying thread.
  2. Hi, I thought I would try dividing a CDC winged comparadun. Has a piece of zelon from the thorax to hook eye to divide the wings. Not the best tie, but I thought someone might be interested in the pattern?
  3. The nicest thing about the vise is that the suede pouch will fit in your shirt pocket. So, if you don't need the weighted base you only need the pouch as it has a C clamp in it.
  4. Hi, Posting a few pictures of my Kelso vise. This vise is really remarkable! It is built like a tank yet quite small. The jaws even rotate 360! Comes with the weighted base Wheatley fly box. In addition, there is a C clamp and even a screw-in for using a log or whatever on the stream side. Thought someone might be interested in seeing....
  5. I think we are doing something quite different. I am cutting the center of the deer hair fan wing and putting in a wing material which sweeps back - more like the actual insect's wing. If you look closely at the last picture I posted, it might become more clear. Byron
  6. Thanks. However, I am trying to match the silhouette below of a real mayfly. The deer hair outriggers float the fly and imitate the insects legs while the wing should be more swept back....................
  7. Hi, I love Comparaduns/Sparkle Duns. Still think at least a hint of a wing might improve it's effectiveness? Anyway, Let me know what you think. Thanks, Byron Trying to emulate this sillouhette with a comparadun:
  8. Your JVice jaws clearly have pockets machined into one side. We're disagreeing about nothing here... Also, 3407DT Mustad hooks are not the same as 34007 Mustad hooks. The 3407DT are "dura tin" plated, the 34007 are stainless. On the very rare occasion when I have a particular type or size of hook tend to slip in the jaws of my Peak or HMH, I find it well within my budget of both money and time to put a small piece of copy paper around the hook. I'm not disagreeing. Just stating that I've never had the problem cited with any of the vises i've had. Well, perhaps with my first vise, the Thompson A - so long ago, I just don't remember. The well made vises since then have never had that problem.
  9. These Jvice jaws would not slip. I would be willing to bet.
  10. Gee, what vise do you folks use????
  11. you did see it advertised there. It is a "mayflytier" vise - thus the bronze mayfly in the weighted base.
  12. uh-oohh, now you've done it.... you've given away one of the last of the fly tying secret society ultra-top-mega-secrets. I almost never have the need to cushion the jaws for smaller hooks, although there are some sizes/styles/brands which are more slippery than others. I have found some larger hooks, especially saltwater hooks, to be very slippery. For me, a small slip of printer paper folded in half has worked well. Cn you imagine a commercial tier doing that?
  13. I have been tying for nearly 40 years. I collect vises as well. I've had nearly all the vises made. In your price range, I would go with the Renzetti Presentation 3000 if you normally tie trout flies - particularly those under size 8 or so. It is true rotary. Made by a company that will most probably be int he business for a great while. It has the screw type jaw action which i prefer over the cam type. It is buttery smooth and has a lot of room near the jaw points for access to your fly. It would stretch your budget, but well worth it IMHO
  14. Hi, Wonder if anyone else has one of these? Mine is the only one i've ever seen. The center plate is a heavy bronze cast which is removable. After removable, you CAN connect the remaining portion to a neck ring and be used to tie with it resting on your chest........... Very nice product and workmanship/materials.
  15. Interesting quote of yours: " I asked him how often he gets out to fish during the year, and his reply was he doesn't; he gets a thrill watching people catch their first steelhead." That was a small part of my original "rant". The young guide I was telling about was criticizing the abilities of other fishermen he had seen on the river. I, just for example, have been fishing for nearly 60 years and fly fishing for about 35 years. I'm sure I'm as good a fly fisherman as that young guy who probably does not actually fish very much!!!!
  16. Hi, I started this "rant". If you go back and re-read it, it was not solely due to the age of the guide. It was as much about ANY guide deriding "normal" fly fishers for causing "their" rivers to be crowded. The point about age was that many of those he was deriding were probably fellows who had fished many more years than he. Guides are the real cause for our rivers being crowded. The folks who fly to a destination (like the Henry's Fork where my example occurred); fish for 3-4 days; and fly back to who-knows-where would not be there but for outfitters and guides. These are the folks floating our rivers, boat after boat. You try fishing Box Canyon by wading. You will be interrupted time after time by a steady stream of guide boats with the guide stopping them at the best spots. Then, for one of those young guides who is making his living off OUR rivers to complain about the "real" fly fishers who are out there on their own for the love of the sport is upsetting to me!!!!!! Thanks, Each time I think of this, I get upset. Guess I should stop thinking about this, huh? Byron
  17. I have nbr 80 of jvice and it came with the traveling wood base in a briefcase-like bag. I really like it. It sort of keeps what I'm using (tools, materials) sort of in one place while tying.
  18. It is buttery smoothe. But it is not a spinning vise like the Norvise. The same handle opens and closes the stainless steel jaws Hard to explain
  19. I finally opened one of my boxes of vises from storage. Lo and behold, the Pamola was in that box. I am posting a couple photos. I believe a couple folks might be interested in buying. There is a little rust on the rotary clip on arm. Otherwise, I think it is rust free. Looks very good to me anyway. First 400. Thanks, Byron
  20. When I tied commercially, I paid FET like Al Beatty said. It was my understanding, however, that the tax was established in order to fund Federal expenditures for water sport improvements. And, I thought it applied to all fishing "equipment" manufacturers: rods, reels, boats, etc., etc. Would appreciate knowing if I am correct on this. Byron Appears I am right: So, when the rod companies sell their rods, they pay $10 each in FET. From the IRS site: Sport Fishing Equipment A tax of 10% of the sale price is imposed on many articles of sport fishing equipment sold by the manufacturer. This includes any parts or accessories sold on or in connection with the sale of those articles. Pay this tax with Form 720. No tax deposits are required. Sport fishing equipment includes all the following items. Fishing rods and poles (and component parts), fishing reels, fly fishing lines, and other fishing lines not over 130 pounds test, fishing spears, spear guns, and spear tips. Items of terminal tackle, including leaders, artificial lures, artificial baits, artificial flies, fishing hooks, bobbers, sinkers, snaps, drayles, and swivels (but not including natural bait or any item of terminal tackle designed for use and ordinarily used on fishing lines not described in (1)). The following items of fishing supplies and accessories: fish stringers, creels, bags, baskets, and other containers designed to hold fish, portable bait containers, fishing vests, landing nets, gaff hooks, fishing hook disgorgers, and dressing for fishing lines and artificial flies. Fishing tip-ups and tilts. Fishing rod belts, fishing rodholders, fishing harnesses, fish fighting chairs, fishing outriggers, and fishing downriggers. See Revenue Ruling 88-52 in Cumulative Bulletin 1988-1 for a more complete description of the items of taxable equipment. Fishing rods and fishing poles. The tax on fishing rods and fishing poles (and component parts) is 10% of the sales price not to exceed $10 per article. The tax is paid by the manufacturer, producer, or importer. Fishing tackle boxes. The tax on fishing tackle boxes is 3% of the sales price. The tax is paid by the manufacturer, producer, or importer. Electric outboard boat motors. A tax of 3% of the sale price is imposed on the sale by the manufacturer of electric outboard motors. This includes any parts or accessories sold on or in connection with the sale of those articles. Certain equipment resale. The tax on the sale of sport fishing equipment is imposed a second time under the following circumstances. If the manufacturer sells a taxable article to any person, the manufacturer is liable for the tax. If the purchaser or any other person then sells it to a person who is related (discussed next) to the manufacturer, that related person is liable for a second tax on any subsequent sale of the article. The second tax, however, is not imposed if the constructive sale price rules under Internal Revenue Code section 4216( apply to the sale by the manufacturer. If the second tax is imposed, a credit for tax previously paid by the manufacturer is available provided the related person can document the tax paid. The documentation requirement is generally satisfied only through submission of copies of actual records of the person that previously paid the tax. Related person. For the tax on sport fishing equipment, a person is a related person of the manufacturer if that person and the manufacturer have a relationship described in Internal Revenue Code section 465((3)©.
  21. Can I be the winner???? Pretty good for a phone camera.....................
  22. It never was mass produced and was quite pricey. That is my recollection.
  23. It is a "real" vise with "real" jaws. Does not spin like the Norvise. I have owned both, the Pamola is much more substantial and a real craftsman build
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