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  1. Thank you. I try to have a new article up every week.
  2. Always thought it was a weird coincidence that the head cement was 'Hard as Hull' and the nail polish was 'Hard as Nails'. Things that make you go hum. I appreciate you all using the info. on http://trashflies.blogspot.com/ and http://trashflies.com/ Try to keep ideas with recycled and re purposed materials on there.
  3. My experiences have been positive with the Nor Vise. I have bought some add ons. The Bobbin and the midge jaws. Neither were required for use just things I added over time. I have had nothing but good experiences with Norman Norlander and his company. Solid tool that is well made.
  4. There's a couple of things I think of when I'm looking for economical solutions to fly tying materials. What else is the material used for in society. Rib material can also be found in the craft-store as Stretch Magic. Same characteristic and a much better price. The other thought with materials is what else would work as well. Polypropylene yarn can be cut and ran thru a coffee or spice grinder to make fine dubbing. Scrounging material from the world isn't that hard when you know what your trying to get the material to tie. Headphone have three colors of wire in them (red, gold, and blue). Great for a Cooper John. The insulation makes a fine nymph body depending on the colors you need. Keep a open mind and be creative
  5. Nor Vise is my choice. I don't tie commercially I just tie a lot. Solid vise and good customer service after the sale.
  6. Good looking sulfur. Be a killer on the tailwaters.
  7. Fishy Fullum is a awesome tier and fly designer. Love to watch him at the shows.
  8. flyderaght and Mr Vegas thank you all. I am the owner of Trashflies.com.
  9. GRBH Hares Ear (Flashback) Brad
  10. My wifes pregnacy with our son was complicated, so we were at her doctor 3 or more times a week. Took my stuff and tied in the Jeep. Small piece of plywood for a base. Hung the finished flies on the mirror. Got a lot strange looks and a good many flies tied. Brad
  11. In this part of the world I wouldn't be without black, white, and chartreuse. Brad
  12. Very nice. I do all my Zonkers hook turned up. Makes it easier to fish em near the bottom. Brad
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