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  1. Thanks guys, helps a lot. I figure with the lack of Trout Streams in my area, I mine as well learn whats living in other bodies of water around me.
  2. Hey everyone, interested if anyone knows some good reading on the bugs of the Illinois area. Not just streams, but also curious about the different species living in the local ponds, which is where I have to spend a lot of my time fly fishing?
  3. krally


    Use Crawfish patterns even in the pond? Just a muddy, little pond, but I've seen some giants swimming around!
  4. krally


    Sorry, I know we are not supposed to talk tactics on this page, but the talk fly fishing forum seems to be a lot less active than this one. Just looking for some quick advise.
  5. krally


    Hey guys, I have a smaller Pond by my house that has some very large carp in it. I always see them cruising just below the surface. I have tried a few things, but no luck. Anyone have some ideas on what patterns to try?
  6. Hi guys, sorry it took a while to reply. I posted a pic a few days ago of a "Pink Squirrel" Fly I had tied, some guys wanted the materials. #14 Nymph Hook( I also used a #10) Red Ultra Wire- Small diameter for ribbing Krystal flash for tail Hare's Ice Dubbing- Hares Ear for body Fluorescent Pink Chennille(Fine)-For collar 1/8" Cyclops Bead for head
  7. Hello, just wanted to post a pick of my second pattern I've learned to tie. My first was the Clouser, I enjoy tying this Pink Squirrel, a little more to it than the Clouser Minnow, but not to difficult. Think I am getting a hang of the Whip Finish!
  8. Hello, I'm new to tying, and looking for some advise on the best places to purchase material online. I dont have many stores by me except the big chain stores, and the Orvis by me just quit selling tying material. I picked up a Renzetti traveler vise new for $90 because Orvis was selling all material for %50 off! I tried finding material on a few websites and found that I had to use multiple sites to locate even some pretty common material, certain threads, wire, chenille, etc. Any advise?
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