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  1. Can anyone help with what this would be in the new/modern scale? :dunno: http://www.classicflytying.com/index.php?showtopic=33141 Thanks in advance Nick
  2. what about thinning using denatured alcohol does that work? will it help get rid of bubbles?
  3. its a no name brand ($2 a tube ) it sets up perfectly though, gelled hard in 6 minutes, rock hard in 10 minutes and wonderfully clear (except for the bubbles!) i had a tube i bought 3 years ago and did some temp repairs to an outside seat and that still isn't yellow so i thought it would be perfect - apart from the bubbles i'm mixing on a clear plastic takeaway container lid using a plastic toothpick oh did i mention i'm having problems with the bubbles?
  4. hi all i've been tying some surf candies recently and am having some problems with my 5 minute epoxy no matter how i mix it, it seems to end up full of bubbles to the point where its pointless having clear expoy because the bubbles hide everything can anyone help me with this? feel free to give me tips hints etc offflist: [email protected] thanks in advance Anselmo
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