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  1. I'll join if there's still room. I need the practice tying poppers and the swap would be an excellent motivator. -Dave
  2. Cool replies! The flies are all beautiful and there's a lot of talent for this swap. It's also way cool that some new skills were added. You guys gave me some ideas for my own variations too. Sometimes I'll get stuck in a rut and forget to test new methods. Thanks for joining and tying!
  3. Howdy Swappers! This one is in the books. All flies went out in the mail first thing this morning. I'll get some photos uploaded soon. Things have been busy here for me at the house, but I'll get some up for us. Many pretty flies were sent; different patterns & sizes. Really a nice selection to choose from. Thank you everyone for participating.
  4. Howdy Swappers, I received two more sets. I don't expect any others. I'll be back from a business trip this weekend. I'll get'em in the mail Monday. I deeply appreciate everyone's involvement and patience. I know this didn't work out the way we planned, but we did it.
  5. Cool Eastern. Once yours arrive, I'll follow Vic's suggestions by splitting the flies up while trying to avoid getting any your own back.
  6. Ok guys. What would you like me to do? I haven't received any more flies. I can't believe the mail would loose three sets. I've written messages on here that have gone unreturned. I've never come across a situation like this doing swaps. Including mine, we have 4 sets. But my patience is wearing out. Let me know what you prefer and we'll do that. As far as contacting the guys who've been unresponsive, I don't know what else I can do.
  7. Thanks for the compliment Dave. I know I need more practice putting videos together. The artist for the video is Brandon Calhoon. The song's "Weathered Man." It's on iTunes.
  8. You're right Vicrider. I should've done that. Nick Dave Bryon Each of these have been received. Riffle's is in the mail. Waiting on a few more. I want you guys to know I've received only a couple of replies to my reminders. Sorry for that. I'm the swapmeister and I see it as my responsibility. I'll get'em in the mail as soon as I can get'em here.
  9. Howdy Swappers, To date, I've only received 3 sets of flies. There's a couple coming soon. I hope we didn't loose anyone. PM me if needed. Thanks dudes.
  10. Howdy River, I get a message that you can't receive any new PM's. Can you resolve that so I can message you?
  11. Howdy Swappers, Anyone else need my addy? We'll be delayed a bit. One swapper ran into a snag with home issues, but will have them sent to me quickly. I'll be in touch. Remember, PM me for addy. -Dave
  12. Lil' Dave, Flies arrived today with postage (many thanks) and those are some beautifully tied bendback clousers. Professional even. Guys, you'll be pleased. Be blessed.
  13. Howdy swappers, I posted a YouTube video of the bendback I tied for the swap. Check it out. Please be gentle. It's actually the first video I've ever done. I figure the more often I do them, the better I'll get. Be cool. -Dave
  14. Howdy swappers, Ok. Let's go with 7. 14 bendbacks per tier. Make 'em any size or color combo. Due date is Aug 5th. This is gonna be a fun one! Happy Independence Day to you and your family's. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't communicate my idea at all. What I meant was, each tier gets two flies from each other. Thus, each of us will tie 14 bendbacks. I hope this explanation is better than the first.
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