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  1. I'm in most likely doing some sort of caddis emerger.
  2. I received them today I will be shipping them all out Monday
  3. Thanks for saying I actually do have yours haha. I am just waiting on the last set.
  4. I believe I am waiting on three and they are all on their way
  5. I got four more sets last week. Great ties!
  6. Got another great set today. Thanks for the extras FishingBobNelson!
  7. Got another great set from Atxdiscgolfer. Thanks for the extras!
  8. Got another great set from vicrider today. Thanks for the extras!
  9. I got another great set from Travis Bille yesterday keep them coming!
  10. I got the first set from Chase Creek earlier today! Great ties and thanks for the extras!
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