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  1. I'm in most likely doing some sort of caddis emerger.
  2. I received them today I will be shipping them all out Monday
  3. Thanks for saying I actually do have yours haha. I am just waiting on the last set.
  4. I believe I am waiting on three and they are all on their way
  5. I got four more sets last week. Great ties!
  6. Got another great set today. Thanks for the extras FishingBobNelson!
  7. Got another great set from Atxdiscgolfer. Thanks for the extras!
  8. Got another great set from vicrider today. Thanks for the extras!
  9. I got another great set from Travis Bille yesterday keep them coming!
  10. I got the first set from Chase Creek earlier today! Great ties and thanks for the extras!
  11. The swap is full I got everyone in please tell me if I forgot something. Good luck tying!
  12. Swap is full Tie any type of nymph you want there will be 10 swappers plus me so make sure you tie ten of the same fly. Also make sure to remember foot tags on your flies. Due date: January 30th SM: BeginnerFlyTyer BH Emerging Caddis 1. FishingBobNelson TBD Received 2. Atxdiscgolfer Skinny Nelson's Received 3. Notenuftoys Frenchie Received 4. Travis Bille meterman stone fly Received 5. Proffesori Bitch Creek Nymph 6. J-Kno Bubble Butt Pupa Received 7. Chase Creek Shop Vac Received 8. Vicrider Red John Nymph Received 9. DavidHE TBD Received 10. Horseshoes SSHM Nymph Received
  13. I like the third one I always have caddis flies with me
  14. alright i should get them tuesday because of memorial day
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