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  1. Very nice, I tie some hex similar to this one the more ragged looking the better. BG
  2. You fellows should see the ones I am working on now if you like these. LOL When I get a chance and complete them will put a winter 2004/2005 group picture of all the variations of this basic nymph style. To think I used to tie all of those fancy hair wings and speys all winter, and then ended up not fishing them for fear of losing them, now I am just a down and dirty nympher right Jerry (SH69). LOL Cheers BG
  3. You should see how many I have now and all of the variations, they work here for both summer and winter runs, plus just about everything else. Just call me the "Carpet Bagger Guy", thats one of the local names of these style nymphs, however no one in Southern Oregon can tell me exactly how the name was derived, other than using carpet remmants for the body material along with rubber legs. Cheers BG
  4. Nice, have to do some of these, heavy into steelhead rubber leg nymphs myself see my Steelie Nymphs 2 post. BG
  5. Here are some more steelhead rubber legged nymphs, been tying lots of these invariations of the Oregon Rogue river rubber leg nymph series which goes by names of Otis Bug, Ugly Bug, Glimmer Bug, Carpet Bagger, Agent Orange etc. Here are some of GLs versions . I vary the colors of the chennille, the legs and the bead. These are all heavily weighted. Most importantly they work for many species of fish not just steelhead, are fast and cheap to tie, and sink fast, etc. Right SH 69 ? Cheers BG
  6. Outstanding, now if I can only find this thread when I am retired and have time to tye classics. Thanks again for the photos BG
  7. Very nice, my favorite hair wing pattern that I actually fish. BG
  8. Everything is at risk at this time of year during the heavy fly tying time during the dregs of winter that is going on right now, right SH69 ? Right now its some heavy steelhead tube fly tying that is in process.
  9. Very nice, wow I have to stop looking at this site too many nice classic style flys. BG
  10. Very nice fly and tie, here in the GLs I only use large orange shrimp flys like this for out Summer run skamania strain of steelhead from Washington, for some reason they love big orange flys unlike our Michigan steelhead strains that appear to have no affinity for such a pattern. At least in my 25 years of experience with them thats what the river results tell me. Actually I have tied a GLs shrimp pattern similar to this pattern but smaller and in a tan and gold combination. Its still being tested so I don't know if it will work but I think it will eventually ! LOL BG
  11. Very nice indeed, you fellow will have me tying the classics again rather then the usual steelhead nymphs, streamers, and simple speys if I keep looking at these classics. Have not used my floss materials in over a year now. Its those PNW steelheaders that have influenced me, like SH69 !!! BG
  12. Very nice been tying some tubes myself the past few days. Happy Holidays BG
  13. Beautiful fly and the same greetings to our service men and women serving though out the world, and all of you of course. BG
  14. Some good pink worm fly ideas, they have not worked for me yet but I am still trying, when the nymphs fail. BG
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