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    black river, salmon river Fort Drum area in NY
  1. I have found that an Olive Green Wooly Bugger works wonders on bass wherever I fish.
  2. ... the deputy sheriff pulls up to where you are gearing up to go in the river ...you think he is going to ask to see fishing licenses and then asks if you have seen a "naked guy in tennis shoes" running around down by the river. All you can do is to offer to tie him up with fly line and call the deputy back if you run across him!?!?!?! This happened to me, armyflyfisherman, and #10 white wolf on the Black River in Upstate NY Remember the 4 SAIL!!!! :hyst: :yahoo:
  3. maty31373

    Gas Prices

    it varies from 2.67 to 2.79 in Upper State NY
  4. maty31373

    Tying room

    The living room has expanded into one giant fly tying zone...what with 3 of us in the same house, it seems that the color of the living room carpet is tan, mottled with various colored feathers.
  5. I am sure that I can without question speak for Harris (Armyflyfisherman) and Josh(#10WhiteWolf) in sending a huge thank you to all of you here who support the troops. We are all 3 stationed at Fort Drum in an XVIII Airborne Corps unit. Being the only Non-Divisional Maintenance Company on post keeps us jumping through hoops to keep caught up with the mission. Without the kind words and attaboys that we get from people like you all, things would be harder than they are to handle on a daily basis. Every day that I read in the news about how someone is protesting what we are doing in Iraq it saddens me. I do this job, not because of the college money (I didn't get any...this is my 2nd enlistment, I was in from 89 to 95 and came back in Apr 2002) but rather because it is my duty to do so. Thank you again for all of your heartfelt support. CLIMB TO GLORY!!! 10th MOUNTAIN DIVISION (LI) Mat
  6. Hey H, don't forget about Liberace, I think he had a hand in tying that particular fly M
  7. Here is the latest attempt at a parachute
  8. My favorite is a rootbeer colored wooly bugger
  9. I am very sad , last night, I lost a fly box to the Black River near Boonsville, New York. When I bent over, one of my boxes fell out of my vest and into the drink . There were about 30 flies in the box and because the river was up, it moved out rather quickly . Well, this means one thing....the rest of this week and this weekend will be spent tying to replace the deceased little guys. C'est la vie
  10. I started tying about 5 1/2 months ago and my first fly, a wooly bugger which I named Bob and subsequently retired after I caught a bass on him. My recipe for my favorite fly to tie, the almighty wooly bugger is as follows. I love this stuff..... I live in the North Country in New York and the bass up here LOVE the green and black ones and the trout seem to like the rootbeer colored ones. #10 or #12 long shank streamer hook (I like a 2x or 3x shank length) usually, I wrap a threadbase on the shank then tie in 3 small feathers (like you would use for hackle), about the length of the shank, extending out past the bend of the hook. Then, I take a piece of crystal or rainbow flash and double it on itself twice and cut it into 3 equal length pieces and tie it in even with the tailing feathers. After I do 3 wraps, I double it over so there are a total of 6 pieces of flash trailing. Next, I tie in my cheniel and wrap it up to about 1/4 inch from the eye of the hook and then back to the tail. (make sure you leave room to tie the head and whip finish it.) Next comes the hackle. The way I do it, I tie in the hackle at the bend, wrap it to the where the cheniel ends by the head where I then wrap a conical head and whip finish it. Finally, add a drop of head cement and there you have a wooly bugger, after a fashion. As far as colors go, I experiment with different combinations of hackle and cheniel, as well as with thread colors and types of flash GOOD LUCK WITH IT!!!!! (I will try to post pictures tomorrow to coincide with a step by step)
  11. I used to live in Lakewood and Fort Collins. The best place I have found is near Bellvue, North of Ft. Collins. Also, the South Platte, between Greely and Sterling is pretty good. Down near Leadville is the Twin Lakes area and the Arkansas Headwaters State Park rocks. Good Luck in Colorado
  12. J, Check out the Poudre River, it is one of my favorites. Up north of Fort Collins. m
  13. He means well brother man.....just remember the fly that was named for him
  14. The person I know that has the most experience with these ingenuis little poppers is armyflyfisherman Drop him a line and he would be more than happy to impart some knowledge.
  15. I have not been tying for very long, but as it all pans out, it seems that I have an affinity for tying wings. here is what I do..... The hardest part is selecting the feathers for the wings, make sure that they are of mostly identical size and shape. When I tie them in initially, I tie them in a little long then pull them through to the proper length and separate them some before cinching them down tight. to get them to stand up, I alternate wraps to the front and rear of the wings (this also helps build a base to tie parachutes I have found.) I hope this helps. mt also, check this out... http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=9523
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