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  1. Great fly! This is one I will add to my son's arsenal.
  2. Just could not resist joining in the fun. Some great variations to try! This is my "Port Dalhousie Princess" named after our local port in St. Catharines, Ontario. A proven summertime bass killer on a heavily dressed number 6 or larger hook, and successful for 'bows tied sparser on a size 8. Hook: Mustad 9672 #6 4XL for bass and #8 2XL for trout Thread: 6/0 Uni white Tail: pink marabou with stem tied along shank to beef up the body profile, plus 4 strands silver Flashabou Body: pink Diamond Braid Hackle: Floro-pink saddle hackle tied tip first, with extra turns at the head to form a substantial collar. In this sample the marabou at the base of the feather was used. I find this provides a larger profile and more subtle movement to the fly. Head: optional black head cement
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