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  1. Pattern tied with only one CDC puff and a few turns of hackle. CDC ant Fly tying
  2. One of the late autumns highlights is great hatches of needle flies Leuctridae. SBS and Video tutorial willow fly
  3. The RS2 fly or Ray’s Semblance 2 is, in my humble opinion, one of the best fishing flies ever designed. If you haven’t fished with the RS2 fly, you don’t know what you have been missing. fly tying videos
  4. A remarkably simple pattern, that shouldn’t be underestimated! Known by many names, the Devil bug, Cooper bug and Goofus bug, it can be tied in all manner of colours and with bleached or natural elk or deer hair. Pulled through the surface or fished down and swung across stream this is an attractor deluxe! fly tying videos
  5. PMD nymph video tutorial by Barry Ord Clarke fly tying
  6. Fly fishing Books Barry Ord Clarke recommendation. Great fly tying site the feather bender
  7. If you prefer dry fly fishing I recommend F-fly to try tying. Best dry fly and very easy to tie. My favorite fly tying site for learning is the feather bender by Barry Ord Clarke
  8. Fly Tying Books Barry Ord Clarke recommendation.
  9. Read this Barry Ord Clarke article Fly tying kit for the new beginner. On these links below you have a large number of patterns with video tutorials. Great fly tying site Dry fly patterns Emerger patterns Nymph patterns Streamer patterns Wet flies patterns Deer Hair techniques
  10. Great Barry Ord Clarke fly tying books recommendation. Fly tying tutorial by BOC
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