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  1. QUOTE (DFix @ Jun 23 2005, 07:42 AM) Spooled- Where are you in Jersey? We'll get you set up - not to worry! DFix, I am located in central jersey ( monmouth county ) -Spooled
  2. QUOTE (Blueman89 @ Jun 22 2005, 09:57 PM) First of all, welcome to the forum. To answer your question you will need at least 2 different colors of bucktail. 1 white and another color of your choice. Chartruse is the most widely used.You will need lead eyes also.The medium sized eyes are probably good. If you have a Gander Mountain or other store in the area they should carry this stuff. You will also need the basic tools, Vice, Scissors,bobbin,thread, etc. I can post a few pics to help you if you want. Any more questions just ask, there are plenty of people to answer them. Pictures would be great..... I dont know of any shops in my area that sell the materials....could you recommend a website? What about flashy material? Also, could you recommend any books, or videos? Maybe even a starter kit. -Spooled
  3. Hello everyone, Allow me to introduce myself. I am a surf fishermen here in Jersey. I dont use a fly rod ( not yet anyway ) but spinning tackle. Over the past few weeks, I have been introduced to using clousers as a teaser. And I must admit...I have fallen in love with them. I met someone on the beach who ties his own, and I have been buying them from him.....but now I want to start tying them myself. Its got to be a great feeling catching a fish on something you made. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could direct me in the right direction. The essentials I need, where I could purchase them, and hell...if someone lives in Jersey who is willing to do some 1 on 1 instructions that would be great as well.... Thanks in advance, Spooled
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